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This week has been such a refreshing change from the madness of the week before.
I feel a sense of calm has drifted back over and I do hope that it is here to stay!

Aside from a super stressful radio newsday at uni I have taken time this week to give myself a bit of a break and do things that make me happy.
Buying handbags, splurging in Lush and drinking lots of tea to name a few.

I came back home on Friday for some R&R and of course a little bit of partying also, c'mon when you head back home to all of the trashy clubs you used to visit as a teen, you just have to have a boogie to relive old times!

In beauty this week I have been dabbling with hair dye again.
 (Something that you will see popping up on GGMH frequently next week.)
I have been using new dyes and toners, so keep your eyes peeled for those if you are following me on my blonde ambition journey!

Due to revision and being super duper busy I have kept my make-up to a minimum, opting for a lashing of mascara and a bright red lip only.
On my nails I have 'Mushroom' from Barry M.

'Till next week

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