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This week has been the weirdest week ever and never in my life have I felt so odd!
I spent the start of the week at home with my lovely family, catching up most importantly with my Grandparents. 

We spent the whole afternoon in the garden soaking up the sunshine, reading the paper and drinking shandy. I love my grandparents very much and they remind me all the time that life is so short and to always tell the people you care most for that you love them!

I then for some reason decided to make a return back to Liverpool and although it feels like I am snowed under with work and nobody is around to keep me company I have been blessed to spend time with my gorgeous friend Laura we spent Good Friday hitting the shops and eating yummy pizza at Pizza Express.

I feel abit weird at the moment as I don't really have finishing date here in Liverpool and i'm just waiting to get my booty down to London as well as moving house at home.

It's all abit crazy and to top it off a boy has been mean to me again.
Seriously ladies, boys can be mean, mean creature's!

And on that note, I shall see you next Sunday!

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