My week through Instagram: @goodgollymishollie  Having cuddles with my friend Lauren's cat Theo | Trying out the Bblonde 'Champagne blonde toner' | Blast from the past, Bratz dolls | Michael Kors high tops | Theo and Suki having a snuggle | My current read | The NICEST sandwhich ever! | Hello Kitty easter egg | Warm enough for this attire

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Aside from the hellish exam revision that I am currently commiting up to 10 hours a day to, I have had quite a lovely week, spending time with some really great people.

I spent Easter Sunday with my gorgeous friend Lauren and her beautiful kitty cats, her dad cooked a scrumptious roast dinner and we settled in for the night under a blanket with plenty of chocolate.

Monday was spent hard at it on my politics revision in the library however, Tuesday made up for it when Lauren, Laura and I headed into our usual haunt Rococo for hot chocolate and extra buttery teacakes.
I spent Tuesday evening with my friend Peter gossiping over a cheeseboard and rose wine.
I must say by the time Wednesday rolled around for work, my head was feeling a little sore.
But that didn't stop me easing a tough eleven hour revision session with cocktails at the Albert Dock Revolution's on Thursday!

I was also a little naughty this week after wandering into TK Maxx on a whim, I ended up leaving the store the proud owner of some Michael Kors shoes.
(More on those coming up next week.)

In beauty news I have been trying out another toner for blonde hair which you will also be able to see more of on here soon.

Although there is a grueling exam looming at the end of next week, I am actually headed to London tonight for a few exciting reasons which I will tell you more about in nexts weeks edition of The Week. 

I have to head out for the coach at half past 2 this morning so I have a ton of coffee by my side to keep me awake!

And finally, As today is her special day, I would like to wish my amazing Grandma a very happy birthday.

'Till next week!

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