21 May 2014


Rewind six months and I wouldn't have had the answer to Carrie's question.
You probably would have found me in my bedroom, listening to Joni Mitchell songs and sobbing extensively. It all sounds a little over dramatic and cliche but on December 16th 2013 I was in pain.
Real pain in my chest that thumped away all day everyday and it only stopped when I was asleep.

Today's post isn't going to delve between the ins and outs of my break-up, who said what and who was the blame, it is instead a nod towards why breaking up is actually a really great process to go through.

The day before the words: "I don't want to be with you anymore" knocked me out like a ton of bricks I had a strange feeling in my stomach that my life was going to change in some way.
Always trust your instincts ladies because sure enough the following evening I listened to my first serious love tell me it was over.

Christmas was just around the corner (men really pick their moments don't they) and I was truly inconsolable, I cried, cried and cried some more for two weeks straight.
I spoilt Christmas Day for my family because  I felt that I was just sat in a dark hole.
My parents were so worried about me because it had been a very, very difficult year with the death of my grandparents and the road was still very rocky with my Grandad recovering from a severe stroke.

After a fortnight of barely eating and hiding away, new years eve came around and
 my Dad had to physically shake me whilst telling me sternly that enough was enough, I had to start 2014 with a new mindset by leaving that relationship in the past.
We lit a chinese lantern and as the clock struck midnight on the 1st of January I let the lantern drift into the inky sky and waved my break-up farewell.

And that is really what I did.

I headed into the new year a completely changed woman - I looked better, my hair was freshly blonde, after many hardcore gym sessions my body was looking and feeling healthier, my social life was picking back up, I had loads of time to cherish with my nearest and dearest, I redesigned GGMH as well as posting daily, applied for jobs in London and I had never felt happier.
I changed everything.

And that is how I feel at this very moment.

Happy and refreshed.

I realised how much better I felt when my parents told me last week they hadn't seen me as happy in a long time.

A hell of a lot has changed in my life since last year and I couldn't be more grateful for the life that I live now. That stinking break-up led to me realising that I am surrounded by some amazing, caring and truly kind people as well leading me to meeting new people who boosted my confidence everyday.

In answer to Carrie's question: Where does the love go? 
The answer is simple!
 The love goes to yourself.
All of that love I once had for somebody else I poured into myself through a new wardrobe, new hobbies, new hair, new adventure's and I truly believe that breaking up was the best thing to happen to me, I wouldn't for a start be moving to London next month to take an awesome job opportunity if I had still been the lapdog that I was in that relationship.

Everything happens for a reason and believe me when I say this, it really is their loss.

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Leopard Print Advertiser: 'Witchie Stitchie' - Handmade, bespoke dresses.


17 May 2014


If like me you are a dress kinda gal, then you are going to love GGMH's Leopard Print Advertiser for the month of May!

Witchie Stitchie is a brand that creates handmade, one of a kind dresses that are customisable to get your ready for any occasion, from prom to grad ball.

Two of my favourite dresses are The Newspaper Print Dress - How apt I thought for a budding journalist!
Not only is the design unique but it is also super flattering when worn.

And the most figure flattering dress for any dress size or shape..
I took five minutes to chat to Karen the lovely lady behind Witchie Stitchie to find out more about the brand.

H: What inspired you to start 'Witchie Stitchie?'
K: After being in fashion all my life I thought it was time to step outside my comfort zone and go it alone. I love to wear one-off fashion so that's why I decided to only make a few of each dress.
The thought of someone wearing the same dress as me is my idea of a nightmare!

H:What was the idea behind the name 'Witchie Stitchie?'
K: My niece called me Witchie when she was a baby and the name just stuck - now she's 10 and still calling me it along with most other people. I think of myself as Glinda the good witch - most of the time anyway.

H:Which is your favourite dress to design?
K: The dress I was most excited about making was 'The Vegas Dress' because I am a big Elvis fan, sad I know! The Carrieanne Dress' was fun to design because I was looking for a dress that fits all shapes and sizes and still looks fantastic. It's such an easy dress to wear, a great holiday dress.

H:What are you working on at the moment?
K:At the moment I am working on one-off belt designs, they will be available mid-late June so watch this space.

H: What is your favourite part of the design process?
K: I love sourcing the material, that's where I get my inspiration from for the whole design process. I am a perfectionist so I have a real attention to detail and every dress is made with all of my passion and care.

H: What advice would you give to any budding dress designers out there?
K: I know it's a cliche, but never give up on your dream no matter how long it takes to get there. I am 50 next year and still learning and working towards my dreams. I could design from being very young, but having worked for a large company, I never learnt to sew so that has been a recent adventure. 

Head over to the Witchie Stitchie online store to see Karen's beautiful and unique designs.
As you are all my fabulous readers Karen has treated you all to 10% discount:
Just use the code HOLLY10 at the checkout.

You can also follow the brand on Twitter: @witchiestitchie
and on Facebook HERE


15 May 2014


With a revision rut hanging over us, my gal pal and I decided to make last Wednesday evening 'girls night.'
A plate full of yummy food, cocktails and a cinema trip to see 'The other woman' was calling.

We decided to pay a visit to one our favourite burger joints - Byron Burgers 

With venues across the country you'll be sure to find a Byron near you if what I am about to show you tickles your fancy.

Our nearest Byron is just outside of Liverpool One, across the way from John Lewis and Urban Outfitters.
We headed inside and were shown to a super comfy booth, of course I ordered a cream soda to start. 
No American themed evening would be complete without it, Helen on the other hand went for a classic, diet coke -naturally.

We both decided to try the latest Byron special - The Miami slice

Feast your eyes on this 6oz hamburger topped with grated potato, spicy salami, american cheese, smoked paprika ketchup on a sourdough bun topped with chicharrones and Byron hot sauce.

With a side of fries - skin on of course!

The burger itself was cooked perfectly, I had mine medium - juicy with bite.
The sauce was seriously smokey with a mouth watering tomato tang, the flavours sat perfectly with the grated potato although I think it could have been even nicer with some super hot sauce lashed on the bun.

What I love about Byron is that the burgers aren't in any way sloppy or greasy, granted they are tough to get your chops around in a lady like fashion but they are so darn tasty and you can tell that quality is what this burger joint is about.

I think these Miami beasts went down well.

Have you every tried Byron Burgers?


13 May 2014


There are a few outfits that hang in my wardrobe that make my friends say:
"Oh that is such a Hollie outfit"
I have struggled for a long time to realise what it is that they mean when they say that but I think that I might be able to put my finger on it.

A classic 'Hollie' outfit is usually brightly coloured, patterned and obscure.
Strangely enough, that is exactly the description that my latest wardrobe additon adheres to.

I was recently contacted by Stylist Pick which is an online fashion site which houses some rather 'Hollie-esc' brands.
They kindly asked if I would like to style a piece from their website and with an upcoming work event on the horizon I was very excited to see what the site had to offer.

I have long since been a fan of the brand Ruby Rocks which is a brand that combines vintage style with a unique street edge. 
(Maybe this is the perfect way of describing my style because there isn't one item from the brand that I dislike.)

I chose the mini circle - shirt dress* which is actually in the sale for £29 HERE

The bright clash of burgandy, gold and blue was what caught my attention and of course the cut of the dress is unlike any other dress in my wardrobe.
For my works summer party I teamed it with two chunky gold necklaces and flat, basic sandals to keep my look dressy yet summery and casual at the same time.

Have you spotted anything that takes your fancy on Stylistpick?


12 May 2014

L'Oreal Recital Preference hair colour In '8 California Blonde' // Review

California blonde hair dye

The beginning of May marked on the calendar a much-needed root touch up.It has been just over three weeks since the last all over blonde colour went on my head and yes, my super dark, natural roots were rearing their ugly heads (excuse the pun.)

A few people had pointed out to me that my almost white-blonde hair contrasted my almost black roots far too much. My mum imparticular was someone who suggested that a mid-toned blonde would not only suit my pale complexion better but would also make my roots less obvious as they grew through at the speed of lightning. So, after taking on board everybody's ideas I headed to Superdrug and bought this dye.

Now, this is a tale of two halves, I loved the shade on the front of the box and the indicator shade that depicted my light blonde hair turning a warm shade of darker blonde.
The shade number 8 itself is a neutral shade of colour with no extra ash or gold tones.

I applied the dye to damp hair and left it on for 20 minutes on my roots and 10 minutes on the faded lengths of my hair. The results could not have been further from what I expected.

Whilst developing, my hair looked a strange green colour but I assumed that was just the product developing. Upon rinsing and drying my hair I realised that I rocking a rather unique hair colour.
Don't get me wrong, I love the ashy-cool toned-dirty blonde that I have been left with but it certainly isn't the colour on the box to a tee.
California blonde hair dye

Colour contrasts aside, I do love the more natural, mid-toned blonde and I feel it is more suiting to my skin tone and natural hair colour.
You really can't go wrong with an ashy blonde!

What do you think suits me more, super bleach blonde or dirty blonde?

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11 May 2014


My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie: Opting for a medium blonde | Nutmeg | It was really that warm | The Miami Slice @ Byron Burger | What's in my bag? | Cocktail city | Cream soda love or hate? | The Liverpool equivalent of Boris bikes! | Girls night Wednesday

* * * * * * * * * *

This week the hectic shenanigins haven't let up!

Aside from 10 hour library stints, Wednesday night called for girls night with my best friend.
We took ourselves off to Byron Burgers in Liverpool One (post coming up next week) we devoured handsomely huge burgers and drank copious amounts of woo woo cocktails before heading over to the cinema to see 'The other woman' - I really recommend the film, it feature's Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann, admittedly it is a slow starter but hilarious at the same time as packing some serious girl power punch!

On Friday I sat the most horrendous exam of my life, it made my previous exams in Physics, Chemistry and Maths seem like a total breeze.
This led to Friday night partying hard.
I went out to celebrate the last night of trade at the building where I work, many cocktails were drunk and I have to say I was throwing some serious shapes out on the dancefloor.

This weekend I headed back home to clear out my bedroom ready for moving.
I am going to be documenting ways to condense your belongings over the next few weeks as I have some serious de cluttering to partake in!

'Until next week.


8 May 2014


Skincare is one of those things that interests me, yet I find the whole processing boring.
Whenever I am ready to hit the hay, the last thing that I really want to be doing is faffing around with a million and one products to take off my make-up.
That was until my entire skincare routine came ready made in a little purple pouch.

A little while ago I was introduced to ESPA skincare at the FABB Liverpool event.
The lovely lady on the stand was offering complementary skincare packs for various skin types.
I of course chosen the comb/oily skin variant but ESPA also make them for dry and normal skin also.

The Balancing Collection is an introduction to the ESPA skincare range.
Inside the pack you receive:

Balancing Foam Cleanser:The rich, foaming facial wash is applied to dampend skin via a pump applicator. This is a soap free cleanser so you don't have that horrible stripping feeling when working the product into your skin. 

Balancing Herbal Spafresh Toner: An aromatic toner to hydrate, revive and clarify your skin, this is my favourite part of the ESPA routine as the toner smells delicious when it is applied to your face and leaves your skin feeling really soft and refreshed. It is as this stage I start to feel that my skin is really clearing of congestion and nasties.

Balancing Face Treatment Oil: This is a purifying facial treatment to help balance oil and nourish the skin. I often find that even my oily skin can feel dry at times (especially around my cheeks.) I like to warm the oil in the palm of my hands and press into my skin. It may seem a little strange adding oil to your face if like me you already have oily skin but it really does help rebalance the oil and leaves your skin super soft.

24 Hour Balancing Moisturiser: I love how refreshing this moisturiser feels when I apply it after the three step cleansing system. It is a very light moisturiser that penetrates the skin quickly so you aren't left with greasy feeling skin.
I love knowing that my skincare routine is already set up and ready to go, nevermind using the spa worthy products, have you ever tried ESPA?


6 May 2014


If you follow me on Instagram (@goodgollymisshollie) you will have seen a fair few pictures of the big smoke popping up here, there and everywhere on my account last week.
I promised you all that I would tell you more about what I was up to in London in Sunday's edition of
I also said I would tell you some rather exciting news.

But first….

My 'day' began at 01:00am when I had to get myself ready for a six hour Megabus journey! 
If anybody has ever travelled down to the south from oop norfff on a coach you will know how disgusting that journey can be.
I had to catch the coach down as the trains didn't start running early enough for me to be in London on time. I have travelled to London on the coach a fair few times before but that journey in particular was horrendous. 
I was sat next to a man who snored so loudly the WHOLE way there, therefore I got no sleep and ended up being awake for nearly 24 hours!
Not only was I ridiculously over tired but I also was sat next to the toilet whereby the door didn't shut properly and stunk something rancid of stale wee!!!

When I finally arrived in Victoria I headed straight to Weatherspoons for a fry up, I figuired that I was allowed something naughty after surviving that hideous journey and after literally downing four cups of strong, strong coffee I scurried into the toilet to change my outfit and put my face on ready for the day!
I decided to head into central London to leave my super heavy bag with the concierge at my hotel
It was then that my phone bleeped and my friend Ricky informed me that he was in town, with a few hours to spare before I had to be somewhere super exciting we met for coffee in Covent Garden which was so lovely as we don't see each other very often.
All packed and ready to go! | A Weatherspoons special at Victoria station | Popping up in Piccadilly! | Coffee in Covent Garden

After having a litle panic about how I was going to get from Covent Garden to Liverpool Street I said goodbye to Ricky and emerged on Shoreditch High Street.
I was essentially in the city for a job interview at the exclusive Shoreditch House but naturally, I had no idea where that was (thank goodness for Google Maps!) and in the end, a black cab.
I wasn't too impressed that the cab driver called me a northern monkey though!

After my interview I wandered around Boxpark and decided it was time to head over to my hotel for a nap. (Or so I thought)
 I arrived at my hotel which was the beautiful Thistle Piccadilly in the heart of Leicester Square.
I had collaborated with the Thistle hotel brand and BT for some work and in turn I was entitled to a complentary stay in one of their hotels..
Little did I know that this was not going to be any old stay..
This was a stay in a junior suite!!!!!!???!

I was given the keys to my room and opened the door to heaven.

Gone were my ideas of having a nap, I was that excited I called my mum for an hour as I couldn't stop running around shouting.
The people below must have thought I was some kind of loon!

After having a long, hot shower in that ah-mazing shower I quickly got ready for dinner, opting for a plain black maxi dress from HandM teamed with tan flats and a lot of jewellery,

A very old friend of mine suggested that we hit Soho for the evening and so after a few glasses of red in my rather swishy suite we headed out for vietnamese food at Pho in Soho whereby I had the nicest curry I have had in a long, long, long, long, long time.
It looked a little like this:

and it was called Xao, I highly recommend it, I had the king prawn with chilli variant inside of the ginger sauce teamed with broken rice, pickle and asian herbs.
To wash it down I had a 'Hanoi Mule' which was very mojito-esc just with the addition of some ginger and apple.
Joe and I walked right in to the restaurant and were served immediately, the space was intimate yet chatty, perfect for two old friends catching up.

After dinner it was of course time for GandTs at Green Carnation we managed to edge our way into the VIP booth which came complete with chandelier and secret curtains. 

After drinks and feeling a little fuzzy headed we strolled down to the river just in time for Big Ben to strike 12 and with that it was way passed my bedtime.
I retired back to my princess room but not without spending five minutes to apreciate the view from my room.

When morning called I headed down to the OLounge restaurant whereby I had a fabulous cooked breakfast, possibly the best one I have ever had.

Just look at this!

And with a very full tummy a happy Hollie headed back to Liverpool.

The exciting news is that I was offered the role in London and I have taken it!
I will be moving later next month and don't worry, I will be bringing you all along with me for the ride as GGMH moves to London!


1 May 2014

Jerome Russell' Bblonde Colour Toner in 'Champagne Blonde' // Before + After

jerome russell toner champagne blonde

As you will already know I am forever on the quest for the right shade of blonde.
Now, I usually achieve this immediately after dying my hair which is great - but it doesn't look quite as hot two weeks after colouring.
I usually find that my blonde is turning a little yellow and a tad patchy after this amount of time and is well due for a little toning.

I have tried a few different toners for blonde hair in recent times but never the one that stood out most to me on the shelves of Boots and Superdrug.

This week I tried out the Jerome Russell - Bblonde - Champagne Blonde* colour toner.

This toner is for pre-lightened or naturally blonde hair and is designed to add subtle beige/blush tones without using ammonia or peroxide and lasts up to 8 washes.

The instructions are very easy to follow, you simply wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, towel dry and add in the product.

The formula is really nice to work with, it is non-staining and lathers into a rather nice smelling soap.
I was interested to see that the formula isn't pigmented, instead, it is dispensed as a peach coloured gel that turns white upon contact with the hair.

After applying the product you pop a bag on your head (I just used a Superdrug carrier) and heat with a hairdryer for 5 minutes before leaving the formula on for 30 mins (less if the colour develops quicker.)

The results:
jerome russell toner champagne blonde
Before (Left) - After (Right)

As you can see the toner has evened out my colour a lot to a more beige blonde as opposed to the false yellow colour it was turning.

I would say that the results are very similar to the Schwarzkopf - Live Color XXL Toner also named 'Champagne Blonde' [FULL REVIEW HERE]

The colour itself lasted on me around six washes as my hair doesn't tend to hold colour very well but I also managed three full head applications of the toner to compensate.

Which toner would you like me to try next?

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