Does anybody else agree that 2014 is flying?
It really does only feel like two minutes ago that I was writing up my April favourites and now here I am talking about all of the beauty products that I have been loving in May!

The Hair: After my friend left me a bottle of the Superdrug - Revitalising - Raspberry and Macadamia Nut conditioner for coloured hair I have been thoroughly enjoying it. Not only does it smell amazingly fruity, the consistency of the product is so thick and creamy for £1.99 you can give your hair a super nourishing treat. [Full REVIEW here]

The Lips: I must have bought the 2True lip plumping gloss about three years ago and have never really used it. After giving it a go on a whim, I have been absolutely loving how super shiny and glossy the formula makes my lips look nevermind the insane plumping effect. It is available at Superdrug for a mere £1.99.

The Eyes: 'Dazzling Khaki' by L'oreal - Chrome Shine is currently my favourite eyeshadow. I have worn it nearly everyday in month of May as the gorgeous green/silver shade compliments my blue eyes and the subtle shimmer within the shadow makes the eye look bright and sparkly.

The Face: Words cannot express how much I love the Maybelline 'Baby Skin' primer. It was gifted to me by my gorgeous friend Zoe  - she didn't get along with the product on her drier skin but on my oily/conbination skin it works a treat! [Full REVIEW here] 

The Nails: An old classic, 'Lincoln Park After Dark' from OPI. The super deep aubergine purple almost looks black on the nails. As my nails have been a little shorter recently I think the deep, shiny colour complements them perfectly. And of course looks fabulous with a little tan.

Which beauty products have you been loving in the month of May?

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Yes, I have been scouring the hair care aisle again looking for something new to tickle my hair care pickle.

I came across the Superdrug - Revitalising - Raspberry and Macadamia nut shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. 
My friend had left me two bottles of the same product when she moved out of our flat but I stupidly forgot to bring them back home from Liverpool.

Having tried them out previously I knew that they are really great, affordable products.
They were on special offer for 98p each (They usually retail at £1.99.)

These products smell ah-mazing, super fruity and they leave both your hair and your shower smelling delicious.

The shampoo lathers up nicely and leaves your hair feeling soft and not overly dry.
The conditioner is however my favourite, it is a thick consistency that left my hair feeling extremely nourished, not weighed down or greasy.

To say that these products aren't designed for the care of blonde hair I am really impressed with how non drying/stripping they are on my bleached hair.

Have you ever tried hair care from Superdrug?

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The samples that are included in monthly subscription boxes such as Birchbox and Glossybox can often include some absolute gems.
I found a tiny little sample from The Organic Pharmacy in my skincare box and never really gave it much extra thought.

Last week I used the 'Enzyme Peel Mask' as I liked the sound of the vitamin c and papaya that the product contained.

I applied the formula to cleansed skin, left it on for 10 minutes and then removed with a hot cloth.

I have to say the results amazed me, my skin was bright, refreshed and thoroughly cleansed, what I noticed was how the breakouts on my forehead had cleared up completely.

Miracle worker!

Have you ever tried any skincare from The Organic Pharmacy?

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Wearing colour on my lips has always been something that I haven't been afraid of - I know that for some people the thought of a bright colour adorning their mouths can be quite daunting.
When I look back on photographs of myself, the ones I like best include me wearing a loud lipstick.

Today I am going to introduce you to my lipstick collection.
In the past I have had many, many more bullets of lippy lining my drawers however, in recent years I haven't felt the need for quite so many unused and unloved colours but I am happy to say that I do use all of these shades on a regular basis.

The Dark Pinks: One of my favourite colours to wear on my lips is dark pink, it is not quite fuschia, it has undertones of brown or purple and it looks great with gold on the eyes.
My dark pink collection consists of: RMK - B28 | Elizabeth Arden - 02 Brick | Benefit - No Competition

The Bright Pinks: I think that if I had to choose between a red or a pink lip as my favourite shade to wear, I would probably say bright pink. I find that pink is much easier to wear than red and complements a fairer skin with light eyes and hair beautifully. My bright pink collection includes: Mac - Angel | Miners Cosmetics - Dreamer | Rimmel London - As you want Victoria | Mac - Girl about town | Mac - Big Apple Red.

The Bright Reds: And finally the classic lip colour of them all, the reds. I do love a red lip, especially in the winter season. It is chic, festive and warming on the face. My red lipstick collection includes: MUA - 13 | Rimmel London - Rose Passion | MAC - Ruby Woo | MUA - 8. 

Which is your favourite lip colour?

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After my spring/summer clothing shop I decided that some new accessories would complete my mini wardrobe overhaul.
From Primark I bought two pairs of hoop earrings, one pair of silver and one gold.
Hoop earrings have gained a bit of a bad reputation over the years but I feel that they are having their moment again. 

The second place I had a browse in was New Look, a store that I rarely take any notice of although I should because of the student discount perk!

I found some really bright and colourful accessories including this scarf.

Having lost one of my favourite scarves in London a few weeks ago, I realised that it was high time for a new one. It was the poppy red material and tribal print that caught my attention - it's loud, bold and perfect for the summer time.

My eye was then attracted to something else colourful, a beaded necklace.

I love the assortment of different beads and this necklace just makes me feel like a happy Hollie.
 I like to wear it with a plain white cami.

What have you spotted in the shops recently?

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Last week my wardrobe was in desperate need of a little love and attention.
I would say that 99.9% of the contents in there are brilliant for Autumn and Winter but nothing was suitable for the super sunny, warm weather that we have been experiencing on and off for the last few weeks.

Of course there was only one place to go to hunt down some pretty warm weather essentials and that was Primark.

I found these two camisole tops for £6.

I love the floral print of this one, it looks great with pale, ripped denim boyfriend jeans and white skinny jeans. I have never really been on for the colour blue but I think this just looks so girly and cute.

The second cami I bought can be worn both in the day and at night. I love the silver beading and double layered material.

And finally, a cardigan but forget chunky, warm knitwear this is a super gorgeous light and breezy cardigan that not only looks great with the two tops but with absolute anything at all.

And just like that, I could waltz into the evening sunshine wearing some weather appropriate clothing!

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My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie The return to Liverpool | Iced Latte in the sunshine | Yo! Sushi | Farewell to Helen | Fun on the beach | Almost Famous with the girls | Katsu Curry time | Estrella | The crazy colour clash

* * * * * * * * * *

This week has been so action packed but so, so, so much fun!
I returned to Liverpool on Sunday evening for the very last leg before I head to London next month.

My friend and favourite flatmate moved back home for summer this week so we spent lots of time together before she left, heading for frappe in Starbucks as the weather was just so lush.
Her lovely mum then joined us and we had our farewell meal in Yo! Sushi, although we were a little naughty and ended up ordering Dominoes 2 for Tuesday's a few hours later.

On Wednesday we said goodbye which was sad but I will be seeing her in no time at all in September when we return for third year. (Yikes!)
After feeling a little strange about her leaving, a friend suggested we headed to the beach for fish 'n' chips. We took ourselves off to New Brighton on The Wirral and played on the sand whilst dodging the crazy amount of jellyfish that had been washed up.
I treated myself to the largest portion of chips and curry sauce I think that I have ever eaten, needless to say there was a serious food baby going on for a good while after.

On Friday night my girlfriends and I celebrated the end of exams at Almost Famous which is a quirky burger place on Parr Street I must warn you though the portions are huge! 
I ordered the Fairground burger with sweet potato fries and although I was stuffed (again) dessert could not be missed and myself and Laura had the craziest chocolate pudding complete with layers of whipped cream, brownies and ice cream.

And finally, this weekend has been spent eating (what is wrong with me) again, this time it was Katsu curry time with my friend Alex, this was before torrential rain decided to drown us.
I think I will lay off the food a little next week!

I would just like to add a huge thank-you to this addition of 'The Week' for your wonderful comments and support on my break-up post. I am so very glad that you enjoyed it and I hope that it helped in some way if you are going through a similar situation.

Until' next Sunday.

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Whenever my skin plays up I rely on two products that always work.
The first is the Clean and Clear - Cream Wash which I talked about HERE
It retails at a bargainous £2.99 and contains salicylic acid which is something I look for in skincare.
I cleanse my face with this in the evening with a warm cloth and once a week I leave it on as a deep, cleansing masque.

My second emergency miracle worker is from Avon which I talked about in THIS POST.
The 'Clear Emergency Gel' can be applied up to four times a day to the affected area and it reduces swelling and redness within an hour!

Which skincare products are your heroes?

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Since clearing out my wardrobes I realised that basic clothing staples are not something that I own.
With this in mind I headed out to the store dubbed the queen of the basics

I bought the satin, olive green blouse because I am just obsessed with that shade at the moment.
It looks great with layered chunky necklaces and can be dressed up smart or dressed down casual with white skinny jeans.

The second basic I bought was from New Look, it is a cotton, plain black dress and again can be accessorised to look smart, casual, edgy or beachy.

I think that the basic bug has bitten me.

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Have you ever let the frizz get the better of you? 
I did and I was getting fed up of constantly taming bushy, unruly hair that I dreaded washing.

This was of course all self inflicted through lack of hair cuts and copious amounts of bleach but something had to be done I would wake up every morning with 

With my hair rolled up into a frizzy, dry mess I was walking to the local store on a mission for bin bags when I passed a salon.

I looked at my hair in the reflection of the window and it looked shocking so I headed inside to have as much damage taken off as I could get away with.

Which of course meant giving it the full chop.
I have to say short hair isn't entirely my preferred style but I love how lush my hair now feels and how easily it styles and thats without mentioning how much better it will grow now.

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Rewind six months and I wouldn't have had the answer to Carrie's question.
You probably would have found me in my bedroom, listening to Joni Mitchell songs and sobbing extensively. It all sounds a little over dramatic and cliche but on December 16th 2013 I was in pain.
Real pain in my chest that thumped away all day everyday and it only stopped when I was asleep.

Today's post isn't going to delve between the ins and outs of my break-up, who said what and who was the blame, it is instead a nod towards why breaking up is actually a really great process to go through.

The day before the words: "I don't want to be with you anymore" knocked me out like a ton of bricks I had a strange feeling in my stomach that my life was going to change in some way.
Always trust your instincts ladies because sure enough the following evening I listened to my first serious love tell me it was over.

Christmas was just around the corner (men really pick their moments don't they) and I was truly inconsolable, I cried, cried and cried some more for two weeks straight.
I spoilt Christmas Day for my family because  I felt that I was just sat in a dark hole.
My parents were so worried about me because it had been a very, very difficult year with the death of my grandparents and the road was still very rocky with my Grandad recovering from a severe stroke.

After a fortnight of barely eating and hiding away, new years eve came around and
 my Dad had to physically shake me whilst telling me sternly that enough was enough, I had to start 2014 with a new mindset by leaving that relationship in the past.
We lit a chinese lantern and as the clock struck midnight on the 1st of January I let the lantern drift into the inky sky and waved my break-up farewell.

And that is really what I did.

I headed into the new year a completely changed woman - I looked better, my hair was freshly blonde, after many hardcore gym sessions my body was looking and feeling healthier, my social life was picking back up, I had loads of time to cherish with my nearest and dearest, I redesigned GGMH as well as posting daily, applied for jobs in London and I had never felt happier.
I changed everything.

And that is how I feel at this very moment.

Happy and refreshed.

I realised how much better I felt when my parents told me last week they hadn't seen me as happy in a long time.

A hell of a lot has changed in my life since last year and I couldn't be more grateful for the life that I live now. That stinking break-up led to me realising that I am surrounded by some amazing, caring and truly kind people as well leading me to meeting new people who boosted my confidence everyday.

In answer to Carrie's question: Where does the love go? 
The answer is simple!
 The love goes to yourself.
All of that love I once had for somebody else I poured into myself through a new wardrobe, new hobbies, new hair, new adventure's and I truly believe that breaking up was the best thing to happen to me, I wouldn't for a start be moving to London next month to take an awesome job opportunity if I had still been the lapdog that I was in that relationship.

Everything happens for a reason and believe me when I say this, it really is their loss.

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If you read yesterdays post you will know that I am currently in the process of moving house.
Not only does this entail a huge clearing out process but it also gives me the perfect excuse to have a brutal clear out in my make-up tower.

Seven years worth of products are housed in four drawers and that is not including everything that also lives in this drawer.

After two hours of rediscovering old favourites and swatching cult products I have condensed the contents of four drawers into just one.
With an hour to spare before I headed out for dinner with my friend I thought that I would revisit some of my less used make-up to create this look.

Face: The Maybelline 'Fit Me' foundation has always been one of my favourites since I was introduced to it by my aunt a few years ago before it was realised in the UK. I love the light, blendable texture and medium coverage. The finish reminds me of the Rimmel 'Wake me up' when applied with a Real Techniques buffing brush.

Eyes: I have become a little obsessed with the Cara Delevigne smokey eye, heavy brow and light hair look. Can you tell? I used the Models Own 'smokey' palette mixed with a little of my old favourite shadow 'Green Smoke' by MAC. I used 'Blitz and Glitz' fluidline liner smudging it all along my lower lashline with an angled brush before setting it with a matte black shadow. I also used my L'Oreal 'Double Extend' mascara to buff out my lashes a little. This mascara is great for lengthening.

Lips: I wanted to keep my lips free of gloss or lipstick but I still wanted a subtle tint of colour. After clearing out, I found my ModelCo 'Cheek and Lip' tiny in 'Rosy Red' the super blendable formula distributes a tiny amount of colour to your skin although I feel it is more of a purple tone red than a true, bright red.

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Two months ago if you had uttered the words moving house to me I probably would have burst into tears.

I was at work the morning my mum told me the house that I grew up in had sold and I starting balling like a baby, to say I work on a front reception desk this wasn't ideal and so my work chummies were rallying around me bringing me cheese toasties and cups of tea as I completely over reacted about something way out of my control. 

I had lived in the same house for sixteen years and despite three or four decorative changes, I had  called the same bedroom my little happy place since I was four years old.
The idea of leaving it behind made me feel physically sick.

With me already semi moved out for university, my parents thought it was the right time to start the next chapter of their adult lives by down sizing and relocating.

My problem lay in the fact that my 'new' bedroom would actually be their spare room, nothing about it would really be my own and I was worried I would feel more like a lodger.

I wanted to keep my wackily painted magenta walls and disgusting carpet with sixteen years worth of make-up, coffee, fake tan stains and ghd burns.
Not an all cream room where I would always feel like tip toeing around and not daring to actually live in there.
The bed not my own, the carpet not my own, even the bedside lamps, not my own.
I wanted my room.

Not only did leaving my personal space behind not sit well with me but the fact my parents were moving out of the area where I grew up really upset me aswell.

They kept telling me that I "won't care" once I have figured out my own life.
What they forget is that technically I do still live at home!
I think that they believed that once you graduate university everybody automatically finds and a job and you buy a home of your own, leaving your parents behind forever more.

Last week I spent a whole day packing up my room into boxes and bin bags - I didn't feel upset surprisingly as more exciting things are around the corner with regards to my living arrangements.

As you may know already, I am moving to London in a few weeks time to a place of my own, then after I have completed my work down there I have lined up another flat of my own for when I head back to Liverpool to finish off my degree.
So in a nut shell, for the next year I will be living independently which suits me just perfectly.

I decided to look at this positively, my parents will be happier and so will I, at nearly 21 I guess it is time to work it all out for myself!

So 11 bin bags of rubbish and nine bags of items for charity later and I am left with my worldly possessions and all of the fizzing excitement that comes with living independently.

Have anybody else felt the same about moving house?

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My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie Travelling home with Sushi | #tbt with my mum and dad | Sad to leave my bedroom view | Reunited with Chappy cat | Cutting my hair shorter | My faithful hometown | BBQ Food @TheGrillPit | Krispy Kreme donuts | Modelling my Carrieanne dress

* * * * * * * * * *

This week I have enjoyed spending quality time with my friends and family at home.
Despite finding boxing up my belongings to move house quite emotional, I found the clearing out process quite cathartic and I was so pleased with how many bags of clothes could be given to charity.
Look out next week for my 'Moving House' post which talks a little more in depth about how I cleared out and organised my belongings.

On Tuesday I was out for dinner with my friend, we went to The Grill Pit which is a BBQ style restaurant whereby the portions are huge. I ordered the New Yorker hot dog which was seriously tasty but I have to admit that it defeated me. The place itself is only small but the service was good and the food was tasty, a couple of guys on the table next to us were taking part in the 'man vs food' challenge, unfortunately their picture was placed on the wall of shame!

The rest of the week was spent shopping with my friend and spending quality time with my grandparents who of course you all know are some of my favourite people on this planet.
I also met up with the lovely Karen for lunch. She is the designer and maker behind 'Witchie Stitchie 'who are actually my May leopard print advertisers. 
Check the 'This week on GGMH' link to read more about her beautiful handmade dresses.

This weekend has been so relaxed and I have enjoyed just spending time with my mum and dad. 
Last night was my last night ever in this house so it was a little strange to think that I will never come back here. We ordered copious amounts of indian food from our favourite take-away and sat around a fire burning my old, broken bedside tables.
I have been so lucky to grow up in such a beautiful house and I hope that the new owners have as many crazy,upsetting,happy,wild and amazing memories as we did living here.
But for me, it's now back to Liverpool tonight for the final leg before I head off to London.

'Until next week.



If like me you are a dress kinda gal, then you are going to love GGMH's Leopard Print Advertiser for the month of May!

Witchie Stitchie is a brand that creates handmade, one of a kind dresses that are customisable to get your ready for any occasion, from prom to grad ball.

Two of my favourite dresses are The Newspaper Print Dress - How apt I thought for a budding journalist!
Not only is the design unique but it is also super flattering when worn.

And the most figure flattering dress for any dress size or shape..
I took five minutes to chat to Karen the lovely lady behind Witchie Stitchie to find out more about the brand.

H: What inspired you to start 'Witchie Stitchie?'
K: After being in fashion all my life I thought it was time to step outside my comfort zone and go it alone. I love to wear one-off fashion so that's why I decided to only make a few of each dress.
The thought of someone wearing the same dress as me is my idea of a nightmare!

H:What was the idea behind the name 'Witchie Stitchie?'
K: My niece called me Witchie when she was a baby and the name just stuck - now she's 10 and still calling me it along with most other people. I think of myself as Glinda the good witch - most of the time anyway.

H:Which is your favourite dress to design?
K: The dress I was most excited about making was 'The Vegas Dress' because I am a big Elvis fan, sad I know! The Carrieanne Dress' was fun to design because I was looking for a dress that fits all shapes and sizes and still looks fantastic. It's such an easy dress to wear, a great holiday dress.

H:What are you working on at the moment?
K:At the moment I am working on one-off belt designs, they will be available mid-late June so watch this space.

H: What is your favourite part of the design process?
K: I love sourcing the material, that's where I get my inspiration from for the whole design process. I am a perfectionist so I have a real attention to detail and every dress is made with all of my passion and care.

H: What advice would you give to any budding dress designers out there?
K: I know it's a cliche, but never give up on your dream no matter how long it takes to get there. I am 50 next year and still learning and working towards my dreams. I could design from being very young, but having worked for a large company, I never learnt to sew so that has been a recent adventure. 

Head over to the Witchie Stitchie online store to see Karen's beautiful and unique designs.
As you are all my fabulous readers Karen has treated you all to 10% discount:
Just use the code HOLLY10 at the checkout.

You can also follow the brand on Twitter: @witchiestitchie
and on Facebook HERE



Exfoliator is a product that I use on my skin once a week, anymore than that and my skin would have a breakout meltdown.

My current favourite exfoliator of choice is from Ritessens.
The product itself is ultra creamy and luxuriously scented as it contains argan oil.

The exfoliating beads are made up of ultra fine vegetal powder, they are grainy enough to pull out dirt from the pores but not too sharp that they make your skin sore.

I really recomment this as a weekly exfoliant as it has helped keep my skin free of dry patches whilst keeping my oily t-zone under wraps!

Which exfoliator are you using?

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