After my spring/summer clothing shop I decided that some new accessories would complete my mini wardrobe overhaul.
From Primark I bought two pairs of hoop earrings, one pair of silver and one gold.
Hoop earrings have gained a bit of a bad reputation over the years but I feel that they are having their moment again. 

The second place I had a browse in was New Look, a store that I rarely take any notice of although I should because of the student discount perk!

I found some really bright and colourful accessories including this scarf.

Having lost one of my favourite scarves in London a few weeks ago, I realised that it was high time for a new one. It was the poppy red material and tribal print that caught my attention - it's loud, bold and perfect for the summer time.

My eye was then attracted to something else colourful, a beaded necklace.

I love the assortment of different beads and this necklace just makes me feel like a happy Hollie.
 I like to wear it with a plain white cami.

What have you spotted in the shops recently?

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