I have long since been a fan of the 'awake look.'
I have only recently discovered the way to look completely bright eyed and bushy tailed and I wish that I had found it sooner.

I have a fair bit of dark pigmentation underneath my eyes, the colour pigmentation ranges from blue to dark purple and no matter how hard I try no amount of foundation covers it up completely.

I have recently been adding a final step to my everyday make-up.
Eyeshadows are notorious for their fall out and I often think that eyeshadow fall out makes dark circles and under eye pigmentation look worse.

A quick tip to resolve this is to complete your makeup and then head back in with a brightening concealer under the eye.
I like to use the Glo Minerals - Brightening Highlight Concealer as it concealers and highlights in one application.

How do you combat dark under eye pigmentation?

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