Last week I did something really naughty and I know, I did feel a tiny bit guilty but hey, give me some credit I was amongst the hardest revision season of my life!

After the doctor prescribed a little retail therapy I headed to one of my favourite stores, TK Maxx.
I had heard through the grapevine that a new Michael Kors delivery had come in and there was abundance of his products to have a nosey at.

I have previously eyed up the handbags, the purses, the watches and the scarves but never have I seen some Michael Kors footwear.

I spotted a rather extravagent pair of shoes at the back of the store and of course as they were leopard print I nearly fell on the floor in awe…

Okay so maybe I didn't behave that extreme, but I did frantically try to find a size 5/6 to no avail.
Dissapointed that there were only size 7's,8's and 9's left I headed over to the standard shoe stand.
There were another pair of the black, gold and leopard print high tops looking at me, and when I peeped inside they were indeed a size 5.

So I bought them.
They were expensive (very) expensive I might add but they had been reduced from a hefty £245!

They are however super comfy to walk in and look great with black leggings, wet look leggings, pleather leggings and disco pants.
I think they're kind of edgy, some may say they're tacky but afterall I am a leopard print fiend!

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