It has been a while since I last posted a What's in my bag? feature.
Because of this I thought that I would treat you all to what is one of my favourite blog posts to read.
If like me you are a nosey parker, welcome to my handbag.

The Bag: My actual handbag is a tan, leather pouch bag which is actually deceivingly spacious inside despite it's compact exterior. I love this bag because it fits all of my essential bits and bobs in but isn't too chunky and heavy to carry around. I talked about it more indepth in [THIS POST].

The Purse: This item is one of those accessories that you hope to be still haulin' around in ten years time. I bought my Biba purse from House of Fraser last year in the summer sale. It is a super cute purse with lots of room for cards, lose change and holds lots of secret zippy compartments for stuffing receipts and gum. 

The Umbrella: My umbrella was a gift that I recieved for my 20th birthday from my parents, it opens up into a huge leopard print canopy with leopards dotted all over. I believe it was from Marks and Spencer's. I love the hook handle which I think adds a little sass.

The Coin Purse: I realised that a coin purse is always handy, especially if you want to seperate your cards from your money. Inside my Kimmidoll purse I store my travel cards and any change that can be spent on chocolate on the way home from work.

The Sunglasses: My sunnies are from Primark, I love the cat eye shape of them and the 1950's-esc polka dot pattern, if only we had some sunshine so that I could wear them!

The Lipstick: I have recently been carrying around Ruby woo by MAC which is a beautiful pure red matte lippy.

The Phone: My phone is the iPhone 4s with a cat case from Accessories on the back which makes it looks like it has little ears! My background is a picture of me holding my friend Lauren's cat Theo, he looks so scared of the camera!

The Charge: The little PNY gadget at the top of the picture is such a life saver. It is basically extra charge for your iphone (we all know how terrible the lasting life of the Iphone battery is.) To work it you simply plug your phone in when it is running low on battery and this handy little chap will charge it right back up for you.

The Diary: My 2014 diary is from Kimmidoll, you can see more about it in [THIS POST]

The Ipod: For storage purposes it isn't practical for me to store my music on my iPhone so I like to keep it all on my Ipod touch. I have recently been loving music from old school r'n'b bands such as TLC and Destiny's Child. My iPod background is a little cartoon of London.

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