I was first introduced to the Argan Oil brand when I discovered [THIS] heat defence spray in my local Bodycare.
I have re-purchased this product twice since then having really liked the effects that it has on my highly damaged hair.

Whilst I was out shopping with my friends we popped into Poundland, my friend Lauren showed me that the Argan Oil brand was stocked in store and we both decided to give the 99p  hydrating hair mask, leave in - deep conditioning treatment a try.

The conditioner is enriched with keratin, proteins and of course argan oil and intends to revive and nourish damaged hair.
The formula of the conditioner is luxuriously thick and creamy and feels expensive.

You apply the conditioner after shampooing your hair and leave in for 7-10 minutes.
I actually left this on my hair whilst I cooked my dinner, so I extended this time by 30 minutes.

Upon rinsing my hair was already feeling super soft!
However, when I blow dried it the results were amazing.
No more chewing gum hair, hello soft, manageable, frizz free hair!
I can't recommend this stuff enough, I have done three treatments on my hair now using it and my hair is feeling the best it has felt in a long time.

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