14 May 2014


I went swimming last week and my hair turned green.
As if I haven't already had enough trouble with blonde colour correcting.

It was something that I worried may happen has soon as I dipped my ponytail in the pool water but I never thought that it would actually happen.

I returned home with my lovely blonde hair a new shade of muddy green.
I had read online that tomato ketchup and lemon juice can help sort this little issue out and without sounding like a hair snob I didn't really fancy sitting with ketchup on my hair, the idea just scared me a little - lemon juice on the other hand I figured I could handle.

I mixed three parts lemon juice with a handful of my Argan Oil deep conditioning masque
[REVIEW HERE]  and smothered it onto my hair before leaving it for an hour.

The little treatment not only helped conditon my hair but I can confirm that the lemon juice worked a treat and when I rinsed my hair there was no green in sight!
Happy days!

Have you ever tried using lemon juice to get rid of green hair?


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