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I don't believe that I have ever in my life had a week as busy as this one has been!
On Sunday my flatmate Helen and I treated outself to coffee in the sunshine followed by a Nando's for our reunion back in Liverpool, she had been away home for a looong time and I had missed her.

There wasn't any rest for the wicked though as that same night I was on the bus to London in time for a very busy day in the capital.
If you want to read my London diary it will be up on Tuesday so keep a look out if you want to see why I was there, what I got up to and some very exciting news.

Aside from racing around the country I also had my first exam this week and it was horrible, I know that people always say that but it really was, the question's sucked but then again a politics exam was never going to be very fun!

Friday rolled around and I decided to let my hair down after work but lived to regret it by Saturday after one two many gin and tonics. Ooops.

In beauty news I have been loving a neutral eye and pink lip combo (full everyday make-up post will be up tomorrow) as well as having my hair in loose waves - something that I rarely do due to my hair being soooo darn straight!

Does anybody have any tips on how to secure a wave?

Next week is set to be equally as busy with more exams, my end of year work social and then I am homeward bound to move out of my childhood home 
(something which I am dreading and will be totes emosh!)
Has anybody else been through that?

'Till next week.

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