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This week I have enjoyed spending quality time with my friends and family at home.
Despite finding boxing up my belongings to move house quite emotional, I found the clearing out process quite cathartic and I was so pleased with how many bags of clothes could be given to charity.
Look out next week for my 'Moving House' post which talks a little more in depth about how I cleared out and organised my belongings.

On Tuesday I was out for dinner with my friend, we went to The Grill Pit which is a BBQ style restaurant whereby the portions are huge. I ordered the New Yorker hot dog which was seriously tasty but I have to admit that it defeated me. The place itself is only small but the service was good and the food was tasty, a couple of guys on the table next to us were taking part in the 'man vs food' challenge, unfortunately their picture was placed on the wall of shame!

The rest of the week was spent shopping with my friend and spending quality time with my grandparents who of course you all know are some of my favourite people on this planet.
I also met up with the lovely Karen for lunch. She is the designer and maker behind 'Witchie Stitchie 'who are actually my May leopard print advertisers. 
Check the 'This week on GGMH' link to read more about her beautiful handmade dresses.

This weekend has been so relaxed and I have enjoyed just spending time with my mum and dad. 
Last night was my last night ever in this house so it was a little strange to think that I will never come back here. We ordered copious amounts of indian food from our favourite take-away and sat around a fire burning my old, broken bedside tables.
I have been so lucky to grow up in such a beautiful house and I hope that the new owners have as many crazy,upsetting,happy,wild and amazing memories as we did living here.
But for me, it's now back to Liverpool tonight for the final leg before I head off to London.

'Until next week.

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