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This week has been so action packed but so, so, so much fun!
I returned to Liverpool on Sunday evening for the very last leg before I head to London next month.

My friend and favourite flatmate moved back home for summer this week so we spent lots of time together before she left, heading for frappe in Starbucks as the weather was just so lush.
Her lovely mum then joined us and we had our farewell meal in Yo! Sushi, although we were a little naughty and ended up ordering Dominoes 2 for Tuesday's a few hours later.

On Wednesday we said goodbye which was sad but I will be seeing her in no time at all in September when we return for third year. (Yikes!)
After feeling a little strange about her leaving, a friend suggested we headed to the beach for fish 'n' chips. We took ourselves off to New Brighton on The Wirral and played on the sand whilst dodging the crazy amount of jellyfish that had been washed up.
I treated myself to the largest portion of chips and curry sauce I think that I have ever eaten, needless to say there was a serious food baby going on for a good while after.

On Friday night my girlfriends and I celebrated the end of exams at Almost Famous which is a quirky burger place on Parr Street I must warn you though the portions are huge! 
I ordered the Fairground burger with sweet potato fries and although I was stuffed (again) dessert could not be missed and myself and Laura had the craziest chocolate pudding complete with layers of whipped cream, brownies and ice cream.

And finally, this weekend has been spent eating (what is wrong with me) again, this time it was Katsu curry time with my friend Alex, this was before torrential rain decided to drown us.
I think I will lay off the food a little next week!

I would just like to add a huge thank-you to this addition of 'The Week' for your wonderful comments and support on my break-up post. I am so very glad that you enjoyed it and I hope that it helped in some way if you are going through a similar situation.

Until' next Sunday.

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