The fake tan bug has really bitten be again since the sun has poked its head out from behind the clouds.
I have recently really being enjoying my new tanning routine which consists of all drugstore products (available at Bodycare, Home Bargains and Wilko all under the £5 price point.)

I start by exfoliating my skin using a mitten and the Sunkissed exfoliating tan remover.
Back in the day I would always skip this important part out of laziness but I find not only do I get a more even tan, but it also lasts longer.

I then use my loyal favourite tan, the St Moriz medium tanning mousse with a tanning mitten.
I usually apply two or three layers to gain a deep, tan as sometimes the medium variant doesn’t offer enough colour with just one application.

And finally, to maintain my colour, I use the Sunkissed, medium gradual tanning moisturiser. This distributes a little colour to my tan to keep it not only fresh and glowy but also keeps my skin moisturised to prevent drying/flakey skin!

Which fake tan products do you use?

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