4 June 2014


With a night out looming on the horizon I did what I always do and what I really shouldn't do - and headed to Primark.

I ended up purchasing a few things extra to the outfit I went in for.

As you all know by now I like to wear slightly obscure patterns, colours and cuts when it comes to the clothes that I like and I suppose this particular shopping trip was no different.

I found these hot pink, paisley print trousers on the £5 rail.

I knew I would like them so I threw them into my basket ready for trying on.

Next up, a top to go with them was required, I knew that I wanted a plain cami of sorts and when I saw this neon yellow/green plain cami with gold, chain straps

I knew it was a match made in Hollie's fashion sense heaven.
It's a little blurry but here is what they look like together.

(Taken from my Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie)

The next piece I bought was to be worn completely seperate to this ensemble of course and it is this fringed, cropped cardigan.

I think this will look great in the summertime over a plain white cami, with jeans or with denim shorts.
I love how festively it looks, I can see myself wearing it with my daisy chain head crown and plaits.

Finally, I bought some summer p-jarmas as all of my current pieces are thick, warm and wintery.
I found this neon pink dressing gown with cut of sleeves which I think will be perfect for when you're out of the shower and getting ready to go out.
And to sleep in I bought this super light, cotton sleep shirt. I love sleep shirts at any time of year but this one is so light and perfect for throwing on when you can't bare the duvet over you on a hot summer night.

Have you spotted anything that takes your fancy in Primark?

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  1. Hey Holly, I recommended your blog to a couple of friends but they can't follow you on GFC for some reason? It keeps saying try again later. I was going to test it too, by unfollowing you and then following you again, but when I click on your GFC box it freezes and has that same error. Thought it was worth letting you know in case your follower widget thing is down! I googled the question and seems other people have had this issue too. I couldn't find a clear solution, but some people were removing the follower wddget and then adding it again to solve the issue. But think they kept the old one, whilst getting the new widget as back-up just in case follower count was affected. Hope this helps!

    1. Hello, thankyou for letting me know, you're not the first person to tell me actually the GFC is all over the place at the moment and i'm struggling to follow too. I will give it a go and see what happens.


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