Monday, 9 June 2014


I walked passed the top in question around 11 times before just throwing it into my basket.
At £4 it hardly broke the bank.
I know that I am little out there with my clothes however, this crop top is rather out there but I love it.
I love the bold, floral pattern with the tie detailing that allows you to wear the top as a crop top or as a full shirt.
This little beaut looks especially good with pale skinny jeans.

The next thing I spotted was equally outlandish, a new coin purse for those days when your clutch bag is too small for a bulky purse and you only need the essentials.

I thought that this £2 purse was just really cute, the eyes peeping through the bold, yellow block colour.

Have you spotted anything bold in Primark lately?
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  1. I love this top, I need to go into Primark for some summer clothes, I find their summer range is so good and so cheap!


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