My hair care routine is something that stays roughly the same unless of course I change my hair colour.
As I have been blonde for 4-5 months now with no intention to change anytime soon, I have found a hair care routine that works for me.

I recently had a fair bit of hair cut off as it had stretched and become unmanagable, lifeless and unhealthy.
My hair now looks a little something like this:

(Taken from my Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie)

I start in the shower by washing my hair with John Frieda - Go Blonder - Lightening Shampoo
I love this stuff because not only does it smell fresh AND leave your hair super soft, but it also gradually lightens your blonde shade with multiple use without using bleach.
For conditioner I like to use the Pro-Voke 'Touch of silver' brand. This is a lilac based product that helps counteract yellow/brassy tones in blonde hair. I wouldn't say that this conditioner was especially strong - it takes a good few uses to see a difference but the softness of your hair after using it is incredible.
To maintain my blonde I like to pop on a toner between colourings to keep my blonde looking fresh and also to keep it the shade I like. I use the Jermoe Russell Bblonde - Champagne Blonde toner which helps maintain a beige undertone to my blonde and prevent it from turning yellow or brassy.

After my hair has been washed and conditioned I start to apply a little product when it has been towel dried thoroughly and is damp.
On the ends where my hair tends to be most dry I use the Redken Align 12 Straightening Lotion to prevent any frizz before adding a generous amount of heat protectant spray.
I am currently usng the Derma v10 - Heat Guard which you can buy in Bodycare for £1.

In terms of tools I am still using my Ionica large, cushion paddle brush along with my 'Little Hottie' hairdryer from Mark Hill.
Once my hair is dried I apply a generous amount of the Nicky Clarke 'Smooth it Over' serum to the ends of my hair before straightening to again prevent any excess frizz (bain of my life) before again applying more heat protectant and then using my Nicky Clarke - Wide Plate straighteners to create a sleek straight style with my long bob length hair.

Which products do you use to style your hair?
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