Today I have something a little different for you as opposed to the usual beauty and fashion shenanigains.
I am talking all about my tummy (I guess there is a first for everything.)

I have been suffering from varying degrees of stomach complaints for around three years now whether it is severe indigestion everytime I so much as eat an apple or whether it is super uncomfortable bloating and stomach cramps on an evening.

After seeking some medical help for these problems I was briefly told that I may be a little sensitive to lactose and/or have a little bit of iritable bowel syndrome or IBS for short.
So I cut out milk and watched carefully what I was eating, as a student I guess that I don't have the best diet in the world, but it isn't bad, I eat a lot of fruit and vegatables, barely drink alcohol and I try to drink lots of water daily. 

My digestive problems came back in flurries and then I would go a long time with no problems.
That was until I was introduced to a product that is sold in Boots which helps to maintain digestive balance.

Ibaid* by Bimuno Prebiotics is a unique, patented formulation which has been specially developed for people looking to maintaina  healther gut.
Ibaid helps to sustain good bacteria in the gut to stregnthen the natural digestive balance.

I take two of the yummy tasting, chewable pastills everyday after breakfast and I can honestly say that after nearly a month of taking them, I don't find myself super bloated, having stomach cramps or suffering from intolerable indigestion pain at all and that is a large statement to make.

The reason I wanted to publish this post is to let you know about Ibaid incase you have similar problems, I have felt a real difference and i'm so happy because tummy ache is not fun.

Have you ever heard of Ibaid?

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