I bet you haven't seen one of these in a while - now here is a tale to be told.
A few years ago Laura, of whom was then known as Lollipop26 and is now known for her shopping blog 'buy now blog later' introduced the Blogging/Youtube world to the sideways cross necklace which went on to become quite a 'thing' circa 2010/11.

I myself was knocking around back then too and I have to admit that I did also own a sideways cross which unfortunately became misplaced somewhere between home and sixth form.

After the fad fizzled out I missed my necklace.

I was recently introduced to Azendi jewellery which is a quintessentially english jewellery company specialising in silver and gold vermeil pieces which are to me super quirky and boho.
As a West Yorkshire gal through and through I was really happy to discover an independent jeweller from my neck of the woods. 

Azendi recently very kindly replaced my missing necklace which I am so grateful for as I am obsessed with my new rose vermeil sideways cross.
Unlike my previous necklace this one is super sturdy and feels like it is made to a high standard.

The pieces on the Azendi site really are beautiful. 
They stock everything from statement rings lined with precious stones to silver bangles, I really urge you to go and have a look because if you are looking for unique jewellery you are sure to find it there.

My necklace arrived beautifully wrapped in a presentation box with tissue paper and ribbon.
Packaging is quite a big dealt to me, I like to know that care and attention has been paid to every detail and with Azendi it was.

What do you think of Azendi jewellery?
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