After my love affair began with the ‘Maybelline ‘False Lash Effect’ mascara I found it hard to believe that another mascara could ever pip it to the post.
(FYI: Full review of that mascara coming up next week on GGMH)

I did however want to scout the drugstore for a much more affordable alternative.

I don’t think that I have found a competitor to dupe the ‘False Lash Effect’ but I have found that the NYC ‘Big, bold, curl’ mascara is a very good match when it comes to producing similar results.

If you want bold, fluttery lashes then this is your guy, my only critical comment would be that this mascara requires a little control as the formula is very wet and with such a large applicator a little bit of upper lashline mess can occur if you’re not careful.

For £2.99 I highly recommend this mascara, especially if you want dramatic lashes and plenty of volume, I like to use a smaller, lengthening wand to create the length in my lashes before fanning them out with the big, bold curl mascara.

Which mascara do you recommend to try?

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