I have never had a huge bedroom and have always been savvy with space, if you read [THIS POST] you will have already seen what my old childhood bedroom looked like however, as you know if you read my ‘moving house’ post, my parents are renting until their house is built and completed.
The room that I am keeping my things in until I head off to London is even smaller than my small room at my old house, there is only enough room for a bed really but I have come up with ways to save space whilst keeping all my bits and bobs available and tidy.

I figuired that this post might be helpful to anybody else with a lack of space / people that are only in a small space temporarily i.e if you’re at uni or like me moving house...again.

Instead of having bulky wardrobes to store my clothes, I have a rail which not only do I think looks quirky but it also allows me to see what I actually have and what I want to wear.
Admitedly, not all of my clothes can be stored on the rail and there is a lot of my stuff in storage but my essential items can be hung and as you can see from the picture’s I managed to get a lot on there.
Underneath are my favourite shoes which are housed on a little shelf.

Other ways to save space I have found come in the form of tall (not wide) chest of drawers , over door hooks and also underbed storage which is amazing for bulky items that you need hidden away.

Even though I won’t be in this space for long it is really cosy and nice to have my little personal touches around me.

Do you have any tips and tricks for saving space?
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