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It feels like forever since I first had the confirmation that I had landed a placement in London for the summer.
It has felt like even longer since last Saturday when my friend and I toasted a new adventure.

Well, i'm here now complete with a central London postcode and a job starting Monday morning, I have to say I am freaking out, but in a good way.

There is something about my miniature apartment that makes me feel safe, yes it's super tiny but perfect for one with every mod con you could think of, my favourite part has to be on a night time with the window open, listening to London buzz below and the trains rocketing into Waterloo and London Bridge stations.

This week of course I spent a lot of time with family and friends as I won't see them for a little while and I have a had a lovely time.

Today I have a busy day ahead with a meeting this afternoon so I am going to have a lazy morning (probably making pancakes.) and reading the new Marie Claire.

'Till next week

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