30 July 2014


Last Sunday I took myself down to Regent Street. 
I ate a lot of Magnum ice cream and absorbed the summer time buzz in central London.
On Sunday's, Regent Street is closed off from road traffic and the streets are lined with performers and as much as the live bands delighted me, I was in the area to check out the new Blow Bar nestled within the French Connection store. 
After seeing a glittering review on the Vogue website I was very excited to be invited along to see how I could be transformed into a pampered lady in under an hour, all complete with a few glasses of Prosecco of course!

With eight looks from natural beauty to rock chick to choose from I started my treatment's with hair stylist Ayesha who worked her magic on my hair.

To help restore some life into my damaged tresses, Ayesha used the Redken Extreme shampoo and the All Soft conditioner to pack the nutrients back into my dry, over processed hair, all whilst giving me the most relaxing head massage.
Ayesha then used the Redken Iron Shape 11 to make sure my hair was protected from the heat that was going to be applied via a curling wand to create the loose waves.

With my hair waved to perfection and feeling much more supple, shiny and soft it was time for a manicure. 

The Blow Bar team use OPI polishes so you know that you are having a quality polish applied to your nails, I went for the shade: 'Honk if you love OPI' which is a beautiful, deep purple shade.

After another glass of Prosecco and a flick through Vogue whilst my nails dried it was time to head over for make-up.
The Blow Bar uses Lord and Berry products which are some of my absolute favourites when it comes to products for the lips and eyes.
As I was sticking with the rock chick theme I decided to try a smokey eye/deep purple lip look.

And after just 20 minutes the finished look was revealed!
Sexy, smokey and seriously sultry.

The team at The Blow Bar are super friendly and make you feel very welcome.
I think this is the perfect way to get glam in your lunch break or whilst you're out shopping and all in under 30 minutes!
At £20 for a make over, £15 for perfectly painted paws and £25 for a blow all out do - it is an affordable quickie with fantastic results.

Have you ever tried The Blow Bar?


25 July 2014


Last Wednesday I was shown the footage of a film that was made at an event I worked on.
 I can remember thinking, who is that girl with the horrendous roots and stark, block coloured hair?
This of course was me, but I didn't want to admit to having such trashy hair.

That evening I was flicking through Stylist magazine on the tube and came across the
L'Oreal - Recital Preference - Glam Highlights advert featuring Gossip Girl's Blake Lively.
I loved the shade of her blonde hair so much that I decided to try and recreate it.

To begin, my stark, white blonde hair needed toning a few shades of darker blonde.
I used the L'Oreal - Recital Preference hair colour in the shade: 7.3 Florida - Honey Blonde.
This left my hair in a block shade of dark, golden blonde - verging on the light, caramel brown colour tone.

I then went in with the glam highlights.
I bought No.2 for dark blonde to light blonde hair, this is the shade that was developed for Blake Lively herself.
(The glam highlights kits do also come in dark brown and light blonde variations.)

The kit itself is pretty self explanatory, you simply mix the bleach solution and then apply a generous amount of product to this rivets in the specially designed highlighting brush.
I didn't find this brush overly effective as the teeth pulled on my hair but I have to say it is a great way to apply highlights to your own head with precision.
I highlighted random sections of my hair concentrating on the ends and face framing strands and left the mixture on for 10 minutes to develop.
This was more than enough for me as the bleach started to lighten my hair immediately.

(Picture taken from my #shaveorstyle day at Michael John - I coloured my hair myself, at home this picture just depicts the colour blend best)

As you can see from the photo's the colour is a lovely warm, golden blonde which I think looks a whole load better than the bright white shade that I had going on.

I really recommend the Glam highlights kits as they are so easy to use and very effective at allowing you to add dimension to block coloured hair.

Have you tried the Glam highlights kits?


24 July 2014


I find it hard to believe that this post hasn't yet been featured.
It seems to be the bloggy-norm that whenever you find yourself with a new piece of arm candy, a 'what's in my bag' post must follow and since I now have my dream bag, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, it is time to introduce you all.

After some very intricate research and over four years worth of thought, I decided that I was going to purchase a Mulberry bag as a treat to myself for landing a role in London and passing my second year of university.
At first, I was sure that a brand new Bayswater was going to be the one however, my long standing love affair with somebody named Roxanne prevented me from handing over a very hefty large amount of cash in John Lewis.

I have loved the Roxanne bags ever since I was a waitress in my local greasy spoon and a very wealthy customer had one on the crook of her arm, a real one.
Back in 2004 these bags were the bags to be seen with and will go down in history as one of the most iconic handbags of all time.

Unfortunately Roxanne isn't made anymore and hasn't been around for a long time but I do believe that she is timeless, and she wears better with age.

I must warn you that because of this bags rarity, there are a lot of fakes on the internet and some fantastic fakes at that.
I bought my Roxanne online from a reputable lady who had all of the original proof of purchase receipts, she had been the owner of this back for some 10 years and knew all of it's history, every scuff and stain could be explained.

I did a lot of research into the type of leather, the distinctive features and the ways to spot a fake Roxanne before I bought it and I can safely say that my Roxanne is 100% genuine, 2004, darwin leather, Mulberry bag.

So onto what is inside it..
Day to day I haul around a whole host of things as you can see, some of the items are obvious as to where they are from however, my Oyster card holder is from Paperchase, my sunglasses are Primark as is my umbrella, mirror and pencil case and my notepad is from TK Maxx.

What's in your bag?


23 July 2014


I have done a fair bit of moving around lately, my parents recently sold the house where I grew up - you can read about that [HERE] and until their new place is built they are living in a rented house.

Having moved a good three times in two months 
I have learnt that you can make anywhere feel a little bit more like home with just a few tweaks and homely touches.
A few weeks ago I talked about how I utilised the small space I was allocated at the rented house 
in [THIS POST] and in my first year of university I talked about how I made my halls of residence feel like home [HERE].

Today I am going to show you how I made my London flat feel like home for under £15.
The first thing I did was add some colour to the white, clinical shelves.
I bought a string of red, love heart fairy lights from Ikea and draped them across the unit.
Not only do they add a little va va voom in the day time but they make the place look super cosy at night time.

Behind my desk area is a teal coloured noticeboard and whilst the colour itself isn't offensive, the long stretch of block colour looked a little flat so I gave it the Hollie touch and turned it into an inspiration board.
I ripped up my old Vogue, Glamour and Cosmo magazines and created a collage of my fashion and beauty muses.

My shelves were looking a little bare and with barely anything down here to fill them with I decided to display my favourite boots and heels as well as creating a little jewellery holder out of an antique teacup and saucer.
Finally, a fail safe way to add a little comfort to any room - a candle.
Mine is a vanilla scented candle from Ikea which I bought for a bargainous 50p.

How do you make somewhere feel more like home?

21 July 2014


This week marks a special week in the Macmillan cancer support calendar, it is the #shaveorstyle fundraising week which allows anyone to get involved by shaving or styling their hair to raise some money for the support of sufferers and relatives of cancer.

People facing cancer experience hair loss and changes to their appearances that affects everything from how they look, to how they feel by taking part in the #shaveorstyle campaign you are standing proudly alongside these incredibly brave people fighting cancer.
Many people (like myself) get into a routine of styling our hair in the same way everyday so this is the perfect opportunity for us to all to give something new a try.

When Macmillan asked if I would like to take part in the #shaveorstyle campaign I was thrilled as I know through my late grandfather's battle with cancer that Macmillan do a fantastic job in caring for not only those suffering with cancer but also their family's too.

On Saturday I was invited to the iconic Michael John salon in Knightsbridge where the fantastic stylist Jon Monks helped me to create my perfect hair style that is super quick and easy to re-create.

 I really love festival ,boho, loose waves paired with a messy french plait so I took Jon some pictures for inspiration and he came up with a modern, sexy style.

All you need to re-create this look is:
 A handful of bobby pins
A bobble
Some ghd's or a curling wand.

Due to my over processed hair being rather delicate at the moment, Jon began by giving my hair a deep treatment using the Kerastase 'Masque Force Architecte' which is the best reconstructer that anybody has ever used on my hair, you apply the treatment and then apply a little warmth to work the magic.

Once my hair was rinsed and feeling amazingly nourished and soft, Jon applied a little product to my damp hair, the Elixir Kultime to nourish my hair with argan oil and the Denimorphose mousse to add volume and texture.

After blow drying my fringe straight Jon sectioned off other areas of my hair and pointed the hair dryer downwards so that the follicles shut making my hair look less dull and more shiny.
Next up is was time to use Jon's trusty, hot pink ghd's to create some super loose waves in my hair, curling alternate pieces both away and towards my head.

Now, you could just leave it there, very Sienna Miller-esc if I do say so myself however, I wanted to take it a step further.
Due to my hair having various areas of breakage a french plait wouldn't have been possible however, Jon suggested a messy plait created by pulling random pieces of hair together would look just as cool and even more bed head.

To complete the look Jon used bobby pins to twist the back of my hair up, you can be as messy as you like with these because the more 'slept in' it looks - the better.

And there you have it, my perfect boho, summer up do.

Why not recreate this style whilst raising money for Macmillan by snapping a selfie of your very own boho, summer up do, sharing it on social media using the hashtag #bohochic to @shaveorstyle and donating £3 by texting STYLE to 70550.

For more information on the Macmillan #shaveorstyle campaign click HERE

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20 July 2014


My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie Sunbathing | Cocktails @ The Folly | My darker shade of blonde | Milk Bubble Tea | My favourite store in the whole world | Studio set up in Shoreditch | #shaveorstyle at the Michael John salon Knightsbridge  | Sunbathing in Hyde Park

* * * * * * * * * * *

This week my face melted. Literally.
With the temperature's sky high in London town there was no way anybody could avoid the sweaty upper lip and sticky back.

Monday saw my friends 23rd birthday and a group of us spent it at The Folly just off London Bridge, the food was okay but the cocktails were better, I went for a 'Princess Sparkles' which came complete with prosecco, vanilla and blackberry.

The rest of the week was spent working, except for Friday which I spent the entire day in Hyde Park  soaking up the sun before escaping to the air conditioning in Topshop.

Yesterday I was invited by Macmillan to join in their #shaveorstyle campaign where I headed to the Michael John Salon in Knightbridge to give my hair a super style that you can easily re-create, look out on GGMH. tomorrow for a post all about that.

This weekend I am joined with my family from across the pond, last night we headed to The Prince of Wales Theatre to see 'The Book of Mormon' which although is incredibly un PC it is hilarious.

'Till next week


18 July 2014


Spending my Saturday afternoon at Portobello Market is one of my favourite things to do, never mind the Notting Hill area being my favourite place in London (but don't tell Camden that.)

Portobello Road hosts the weekly antique market every Saturday and if like me you are a sucker for anything vintage then this is the place to be.

I headed over to Kensington and Chelsea last weekend to see what I could find and I ended up returning with a random collection of goodies.

I like to collect antique cups and saucers and my collection is becoming quite vast, I try and find interesting, mis matched sets, Portobello Market is one of the best places to find them cheap.

I bought a tiny blue and white teacup and saucer for a bargainous £4.
I am currently using it to store my jewellery in whilst I am down here in London.

I also purchased a vintage pair of glasses, now I know there is the whole stigma regarding wearing glasses for fashions sake but there was something about the oversized lense / tortoiseshell frames that interested me.
Finally, I got my hands on the popular 'More issues than Vogue' t shirt as I felt it was rather fitting.

Have you ever visited Portobello Market?

17 July 2014


I'm pretty lucky in the way that my work uniform is smart casual but more so leaning further towards the casual side on normal office days.
Of course, due to my love of clothes I tend to choose smarter clothes to wear to work daily as blazers, blouses and skirts are the kinds of clothes that live in my wardrobe.

I have been in the market for a nice pair of heels for work that can take me from the office to after work drinks without looking too flashy or too 'night out in Liverpool-esc.'

Ladies, I think I have found the perfect pair
and they're comfortable and super easy to walk and run for tube in.

The 'Gibby'* wedges by Head over heels @ Dune
are made up of a small medium height 8cm, cork wedge and elasticated straps.
Super, simple but also elegant and they look fabulous with skirts, jeans and leggings.

The Gibby wedges come in a choice of black or beige and are available from House of Fraser in their online sale for steal at £27 HERE.


16 July 2014


A guilty pleasure of mine is to watch the In the bathroom with.. videos by make-up artist and beauty journalist Sali Hughes.
My favourite is: In the bathroom with Charlotte Tilbury as I am such a fan girl when it comes to Mossy's firey haired make-up artist.

With Sali's videos in mind, I thought that I would take you on a little tour of my very own bathroom.
Obviously not all of my make-up is down here in London as I couldn't imagine how heavy my suitcase would be if that were the case.

I am lucky enough to have a lot of shelves, cupboard and nooks in my bathroom so I made the decision to store all of my beauty favourites in there.

My make-up is stored in the little nooks, I have it all laid out so that I can locate and grab each item when I am in a huge rush at 6:45am.

As always, if I have previously talked about any of the products mentioned below you will be able to click on them to take you to a full review.

I keep my fake tan essentials at the top, up there I have a Lauren's Way - Glam Tan a St Moriz, my Sunkissed - Tanning moisturiser and of course my tanning mitten/gloves.

On the second ledge down I keep my base and face items:

Mac 'Studio Fix Fluid' in NW20
Maybelline 'Baby Skin'
Bourjois 'Chocolate Box' Bronzer
Maybelline Brow Drama
Mac - Mineralise Skin Finish in 'Soft and Gentle'
Krylon Blush in 'Glossy Rosewood'
Rimmel 'Stay Matte Powder' in 001 Translucent
Glo Minerals Concealer
MUA 'Cover and Conceal
Collection 'Lasting Perfection Concealer
Dove Lip Care Balm

On the next shelf I keep my eye make-up favourites:

Urban Decay - Naked Palette #1
NYC 'Big, Bold, Curl Mascara
Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara
Urban Decay eyeshadow in 'Toasted'
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'On and on bronze'
Glo Minerals brow duo
L'Oreal Chrome shine shadow in 'Metallic Olive'
Mac 'Fluid Liner' in 'Blitz & Glitz'
Crest Whitening Strips
Tweezerman Tweezers

Finally, I keep my nail polishes and nail care items on the last ledge, an assortment of Nails Inc, Essie, Barry M and Ciate polishes

How do you organise your beauty?
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15 July 2014


Don't you just love it when you find yourself an absolute bargain.
Last week I did just that and I don't think that it is one that can be repeated.

After a long day at work compiling some research I found myself in the Canary Wharf shopping centre of all places.
Luckily for me, amongst the supermarkets and the electronic stores there is a Topshop.
Now I have a bit of a thing for Topshop at the moment and when I discovered that they had a sale I was excited to see if I could find something.

I didn't go in to the store with the intention of buying footwear and I really did not want to be buying any more footwear (moving house has made me realise I have far too many pairs of shoes!) 
I ended up spotted a pair of grey/green cut out boots with a snake print effect.
I turned them over to discover they were £75 reduced to £10!

With student discount I bought them for a steal at £9 and they haven't been off my feet ever since.
I feel very Kate Moss when I pair them with black leggings, my biker jacket and a fringed top.

What have you spotted in Topshop recently?
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14 July 2014


For those of you who regularly read GGMH you will know that I like to mess about with my hair and I have no qualms about how many litres of dye I slap on my scalp.

Since having to have a good two inches off the ends of my hair I am trying to pack in the dye and try other lightening methods.

I have recently been introduced to the Mellor and Russell ' Sun Kissed Spray*'
This little number is a gradual hair lightener that fits snuggly into your everyday hair routine.

To use the spray you firstly wash, condition and towel dry your locks before spraying the coconut scented product into your hair and brushing through the strands for an even coverage.
The formula works when you apply heat from your hairdryer with each coated strand gradually lightening.
The product also continues to lighten your hair every time your heat is exposed after the initial application.
Before and After

Now, I might add that you are essentially spraying hydrogen peroxide onto your hair so I can't say that this isn't completely damaging and I would imagine that continued use would cause as much damage as hair dye would however, I have found that this stuff is amazing for naturally dark haired girls like myself whos roots are a little more orangey than the rest of their hair.
I spray a generous amount of product onto my roots and I have found that they are much more blended.

Using this stuff on already light blonde hair sends it into the platinum stratosphere although Mellor and Russell don't recommend to use this on super bleached hair.

I think this product is great for anybody wanting to lighten their hair for summer or add subtle highlights to their hair in the way the sun naturally would.

Have you ever tried a lightening spray?
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10 July 2014


Following on from yesterday's post where I talked about my new favourite shampoo from L'Oreal, I wanted to introduce you all to my new favourite conditioner.

What is amazing about this conditioner is that it retails for £1!

I have talked about Creightons colour care products before however, the Sunshine Blonde range is not one that I have previously tried.
This conditioner aims to both brighten blonde hair whilst caring for brittle strands and damaged areas caused by highlighting hair.

The formula is super creamy and smells wonderful too, it is a scent that lingers on your hair all day long.

Have you ever tried Creightons haircare products?


9 July 2014


Back in the day when Fleur De Force started up her Youtube channel, I remember watching her 'Haircare Routine' with envy, her long, lush, blonde locks looked like she had a daily salon blow dry, in reality she was using a super cheap shampoo from Superdrug.

Obviously at the time I was sporting red hair so this would have been of no use to me however, whilst I was looking for a new shampoo to try I remembered the glowing reviews that Fleur had given the L'Oreal - Elvive - Nourish and Shimmer - Highlights shampoo

I have been using this shampoo for two weeks now and I have to say that for blonde or highlighted hair it is the perfect formula.
The formula is enriched with royal jelly and delivers care to targeted areas of damaged hair whilst brightening your highlights, what I really like is that it is also non drying which some products for highlighted hair can be.

For under £4 this is a bargainous haircare item will certainly be re-purchased.

Have you ever tried the Elvive hair care range?

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