It all started last week when my hair band snapped and my hair was sticking to the back of my neck.

The nearest place to source some hair bands was actually Claire's - now I haven't actually been in Claire's since I had my ears pierced when I was about twelve years old however they have some pretty cool hair accessories in there, everything from clip in feathers to faux plaits.

I found myself looking at the Hello Kitty section and decided to buy a little pendant because I love Hello Kitty and I thought that it was something a little different to wear around my neck as opposed to my standard, sideways cross .

Somewhere between Claire's and home, I ended up on Regent's Street in 'And other stories.' I have heard golden reviews of the store from the likes of Viviannadoesmakeup and my work colleague Sarah so I headed in for a nosey.

I have been looking for some simple ear studs for a while now as endless hoop wearing has caused my piercings to tear, I found the beautiful diamante studs and instantly loved their simplicity.
I was really impressed with the jewellery in 'And other stories' it is a mix of bulky and dainty pieces with a tribal twist which is the style I like.

What do you think of 'And other stories?'
How long has it been since you popped into Claire's?

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