I have to admit that I am absolutely terrified of eyeliner.
The gel kind that gets smudged between my tightline and waterline, no problem - but the liquid kind, *shudders*

I don’t know of it is my tiny eyelids, small eyes or shaky right hand but the stuff just does not work for me.

I was however quite interested to give the Eyeko ‘Skinny liquid liner’ a go after it came free with last months Glamour magazine.

The felt tip pen applicator is very precise which means with small steps you can achieve a thin or thickened straight line with ease but hey, if I can do it anybody can.

The formula of the liner is brilliant not only can it be smudged but it is also smudge resistant one you have your liner in place. The staying power is excellent too, no flaky, crispy liner to be seen here.

Have you tried the ‘Skinny liquid liner?’
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