Taken from my Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie | My nightly walk home

If there is one thing that I can't deny, it is how in love I am with London, of course if you are a regular reader of GGMH you will already know this but I have to say that actually living here is a whole different kettle of fish - I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but my word is it exhausting.

I was recently chatting to my friend, someone who has been in a long term relationship with the city for a while and I asked her if this mental exhaustion ever goes away, she smiled wryly and simply replied: 
"Of course it doesn't, you just have to come home, drink a lot and get up and do it all again the next day."

Now i'm not saying that we should all be hitting the bottle to deal with exhaustion but I do think that something has to be said in the way that exhaustion can be managed.

Living and working in central London, everyday is a battle - you battle with the alarm clock ringing at 6am, you battle for a place on the tube, you battle to get from A to B in the street, you battle at work to meet deadlines and then you start the transport battle again, it's tiring and I have found that sometimes it can turn me into a bit of a Moody Margaret.

Not wanting to be a moody Mags I try to set an hour aside every night to myself even when I get home from a bar at 12am after an eleven hour day I always try to set aside some time to have a cup of tea and think/do about absolutely nothing at all - I have to tell you it really does work, a little time to myself reboots me so that I am ready to start next battle.
It's goodbye Sour Sally and hello Balance Barbara.

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