I have seen Jewel Candles popping up now and again on other blogs for a while now.
I must admit I was rather interested in the concept as both candles and jewellery are two of my favourite things.

The idea is that every jewel candle contains either a ring or a pair of earrings worth between £10 and £250.
Jewel Candle very kindly offered to send me over one of their ring candles to try.
I chose the 'True Love'* candle as I love the scent of rose.

When your candle arrives you are able to see where your piece of jewellery is within the wax, mine was pretty close to the top as you can see.

The scent of rose was very subtle and although I could smell the fragrance upon lighting my candle, as it burned for longer it wasn't as strong.
I was happy that the rose scent was muted down a little as sometimes an artificial rose scent can smell a little sickly.

After around four hours of burning time the tiny, tinfoil packet containing my ring was visable and I followed the jewel candle instructions on how to remove your jewellery.
I found this process very messy and there was wax everywhere.
With lots of kitchen roll to hand I finally removed my ring from the wax.

Unfortunately Jewel Candle are no longer able to state how much your pieces of jewellery are worth but they do advise you take your ring or earrings to a jeweller to receive a valuation if you are imterested.

The ring I received contains a cluster of love hearts on a thin silver band, it is really pretty and dainty but I struggle to imagine that it is worth even a fiver yet alone £10 and upwards but it is a cute wearable piece that I have been wearing everyday since I discovered it within my candle

If I were to purchase another Jewel Candle I would choose the earrings as I think they would be more wearable and the rings are a little on the smaller side.

Jewel Candles are available for £24.95 for a candle containing a ring and £16.95 for a candle containing earrings.
They are a great gift idea for birthday's, mother's day and anniversary's as the little personal touch adds something extra to a standard candle gift.

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What do you think of jewel candles?

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