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Sunday night kicked things off with dinner at The Bluebird in Chelsea (ofcourse) where I said goodbye to my family who were visiting from America, we have a lovely evening catching up and my cousin presented me with the most beautiful piece of art work for my new flat, she is a very talented young lady.

This week I have spent time fundraising around London for the Sparks charity which was set up to fund research into children's medicine, after raising a hunky amount of money my team and I retreated to the Bavarian Beerhouse in Tower Hill, of course as a non beer drinker I opted for a G&T.

Work has been busy this week so aside from working on the go (Beaufort House in Chelsea is a lovely place to work on a sunny day) I have had my head in my macbook although this weekend provided some solace as the sun was blazing hot, after breakfast at Borough Market my fella and I headed over to Hyde Park where there was  not a patch of grass spare, we took a picnic and spent our afternoon in the sunshine eating lots and drinking the good stuff - Lambrini of course - Classy Birds!

'Till next week

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