If you have been reading GGMH for a long time you will already know that my favourite perfume and signature scent so to speak is 'Cinema' by YSL. 
I have worn that very scent everyday for a decade and whilst I will never sway from it, I like to have another scent on the go to spice things up a little.

I am huge perfume junkie and I like how scents remind me of different places, people and experiences and I wanted a scent to remind me of this summer.

Step forward Burberry Body.
I was inspired to buy this after being offered to try the perfume whilst walking through Selfridges.
Not least I have a huge girl crush on Cara Delevigne who is apart of the Burberry Body 'Tender' campaign.

What I love about this scent is the femininity of it, whilst my YSL perfume is very evening time and heavy the Body scent is refreshing, summery and girly.

It has top notes of peach and freesia, heart notes of rose and sandalwood and base notes of vanilla, cashmere musk and amber.

I have the eau de parfum version that lingers on my skin all day long without the need to re apply which is important to me and of course reminds me that I don't smell half bad!

Have you ever tried Burberry Body?
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