Whilst my skin tends to be quite robust towards the products that I slap on it, it becomes hyper sensitive when it comes to simple things like changing location.
My skin hates different types of water and goes crazy whenever I move around the country.

After years of splattering northern water all over my face, my skin had a shock when I moved down to London and was still upset a whole two months on.
Clusters of blemishes that felt like bruises, underneath my foundation,  it was a sorry state of affairs.
That was until I started using the Monu - Blemish Treatment* a salicylic acid/witch hazel combination that works wonders on stubborn spots.

I use the treatment after cleansing my face and concentrating it on the affected areas only.
The product dispenses in a gel like formula and smells ridiculously anti-bacterial.
I apply a pea size amount to the blemish and leave the area clean over night.

Upon first applying the product there is a fair amount of stinging, which is weirdly satisfying - it makes me feel like the product is really working its way into my skin.

I would say that I saw reduction of swelling/redness in the affected areas, after around two uses and after one week my skin was completely clear.

Cio spot city - Until the next move.

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