When I landed here in London a whole eight weeks ago, I was limited to the amount of shoes that I could fit into my case.

At home I have a fair amount of shoes - everything from embellished sandals to Ugg boots.
When my parents moved house I realised that four bin bags filled with shoes was a little excessive and with that in mind I do aim to have an editing session in preparation for moving back to Liverpool next week.

Some of these shoes I have acquired whilst being down here and some you may have spotted before.
Without further ado - The edited shoe collection.

T H E  S H O E  B O O T S

The leopard print, kitten heeled, shoe boots were the first pair of 'dressy' shoes that I bought.
I think I was around twelve or thirteen and I spotted them in a shoe shop called 'Dolci's' in the town where I live.
My mum told me they were a good investment and she was right, eight years on and I still wear them to death. The are made from a faux fur so the texture of them is super soft and silky, I don't think that I will ever be able to part with them.

T H E  W E D G E S

The day my mum told me that i'd save myself a lot of trouble if I wore wedges when I went clubbing was the day my life changed.
I would previously cut a night on the tiles short after ripping my feet to shreds in 7 inch stiletto's.
These days I throw a pair of wedges on, even in the day.
My current favourites are the Dune 'Gibby Wedges'  they are just the right height for comfort and just the right amount of chunky strap to look flattering.

T H E   F L A T S 

I talked about my leopard, peep toe flats last week when I introduced them to you as the Primark bargain of the century.
I have not taken them off my feet for the passed month as they are just so comfy and obviously super practical for fellow foot tattoo people like myself.
They look cute with bright pink or coral nail polish.

T H E  T R A I N E R S

You know when you spot a pair of shoes that you just have to have?
This happened earlier this year whilst I was in TK Maxx.
The Michael Kor's leopard extravaganzas were pricey and bloody uncomfortable to begin with but they are now the most comfortable shoes that I own.
Like my leopard print shoe boots, they are made from a faux fur material.

T H E  B O O T S

The Topshop, snake skin effect boots were an absolute bargain at a mere £9 (with student discount) down from £75.
I spotted them whilst randomly browsing in the Canary Wharf shopping centre.
I love the cut out detail and they look great without socks - it's a shame they just aren't comfortable to wear!

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