The above consists of four regular activities that I partake in on a weekend.
After a super hectic week all I really want to do when Saturday rolls around, is to keep the glaring screen of my Macbook shut and use my eyes for other things.

The first thing I like to do is make a nice cup of tea.
Yorkshire - of course. Although I have found that the water in London makes tea taste pretty naff.
Still, a brew is a brew and I like to have one whilst sitting in bed flicking through my new editorial muse, Porter magazine.
It is one hell of a hefty publication, so make sure you have a morning set aside to get through it.

At the weekend I like to set my mind clear for the week ahead, this usually means making a list of things that I will be doing on each day of the week. Once it's compiled, I rip it out of my moleskin pad and stick in on my fridge door.

My nails are usually looking a little worse for wear by the weekend so I like to give them a little re-fresh with a lick of paint.
My favourite this month is 'Play Date' by Ciate. It is a gorgeous coral red - a real summer shade.

If i'm having a super chilled Saturday I like to read my book, 'Fashion Babylon' by Imogen Edwards-Jones and Anonymous.
It documents a year in the life of a fashion designer and is apparently based on true events.
It's one of those books with a sheer amount of sass, a serious page turner.

And there we have it.
My weekend in 4 steps - no laptop involved.

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