It has been a long time since I have been on a first date.
Looking back on the few that I have been on, I have to smile as luckily non of them were a disaster and one in particular led to where I am now.

I love this TAG as it has a mixture of questions from scenarios to some more fashion and make-up orientated ones.
 Obviously these questions are tailored towards that nerve wracking first date, but if like me you have gotten passed that stage you could answer as if you were going on a second or third date.

How long does it take you to get ready for a date?

I like to take my time with my hair and make-up if I am going on a date as of course I want to look like I scrubbed up well. After having a shower and washing my hair etc.
I will usually have an idea of what I want to wear in my mind and I will stick to my usual style of make-up but with a few added touches such as false eyelashes maybe.
In terms of my hair I will probably just leave it loose and natural as I am on a no heat diet.
All in all, it will probably take me an hour from start to finish, maybe a little longer if I need to paint my nails.

What is your idea of a perfect first date?

For a first date it might be a little awkward sitting opposite each other in a restaurant, trying your best not to spill food down yourself all whilst eating and trying to keep the conversation going.
With this in mind I would probably prefer to go to a nice little bar for a few drinks, somewhere not too loud so you can actually hear one another, but also somewhere with a bit of atmosphere too.
A roof top terrace bar would be quite a nice idea so you can watch the sun go down with your date, awh.

What would you gravitate more towards to wear on a date?

Depending on what time of year it is and where we were going, I would probably wear a dress with bare legs in the summer or with tights if it was winter. 

On the date of your choice, what make-up style would you wear?

I like to stick to what I know and what I think suits me, so probably the signature smokey eye but with a nude lip because you never know, there might be some kissing going on afterwards and you don't want to get lippy all over their face!

Your date says you have half an hour to be ready, what do you do?

Hopefully I have showered and made myself look half decent that morning so it will just be a case of touching up my make-up and maybe changing my outfit.

Your date asks for the bill, do you..
Offer to pay with actual meaning to pay?
Make a fuss with no intention of paying?
Expect him to pay straight away?

I hate how awkward that can get sometimes so I always say lets split this half and half so that nobody feels obliged to foot the bill.
On the dates that I have been on the guy has always been really sweet and paid it anyway even when I have suggested we go dutch.

It's time to say goodbye, you really like your date do you..
Kiss on the cheek?
Full on smooch?

I would give him a kiss on the cheek on the first date - it's a little bit flirty but not too full on.

I TAG you all to give 'The first date tag' a try.
I really enjoyed watching The Persian Babes video of this tag which you can find here.

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