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This week has been "a good 'un" as we would say in Yorkshire.
Not only did I manage to feast on some pretty splendid food, but some pretty game changing things happened this week also.

At the start of the week I interviewed a very interesting lady, film maker and music producer Lotta Boman who had some super interesting things to say about the music industry.
I then managed to find myself published online, in a two part article all about retail futures and the success of the pop up store. If you're interested you can read it by clicking HERE.

This week I also discovered a new area of London I hadn't ventured to before, Clapham.
You know when you visit somewhere and you get a good feeling, I got that in Clapham, I really like the ambience, especially as it was a balmy, summer evening and the common was full of people chilling out well into the night.

In other news, this weekend I had my first tattoo.
I am so pleased with the result and I can't wait for it to heal so that I can show it off properly.
I have a post coming up next week all about the experience so keep a look out for that if you're interested.

This weekend has been steady as my foot is a little sore and needs to be rested, I spent Saturday catching up on blogging and reading my new favourite glossy magazine, Porter.
Today I am meeting with one of my fellow journo's from uni for a good old catch up and a taste of a german bierkeller.

'Till next week

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