When I think of hair mousse I always think of the stuff that I bought for 99p on Wakefield market that left my hair crispy.
It was around the time that I wore an alice band and curled my hair in tight ringlets which were held stiff with layers and layers of Insette mousse.

Safe to say I was a little dubious when I decided to rekindle my affiliation with a mousse product.
I told a few of you on Twitter that when I moved into my new diggs, the previous tenant left me a whole host of unused hair goodies.

One of which was the John Frieda 'Luxurious Volume Building Mousse.'
For the past few weeks I have been applying a small amount of the mousse product to damp hair and working the product into my roots before blow drying.

When my hair has been washed, it tends to be a little lank and lifeless however, this mousse has built some 'zha zha' into my hair, leaving it amplified all day long - all without the stickiness.

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