My guilty pleasure on a Sunday morning is to watch back to back 'Keeping up with the Kardashains' episodes and revel in the glamour of Kris Jenner whilst being thoroughly entertained by the Todd Kranes prank. 

I have to say that although i'm not entirely fussed about Kimmy K as a person, there's something about her that interests me and I love her signature smokey eye and epically contoured cheeks.

I have recently been wearing her perfume Pure Honey* and although it's not a scent that I would usually wear, once the formula is warmed on the skin it's quite pleasant.

Pure Honey is a very sweet scent with top notes of rose and honey, middle notes of beeswax and orchid and finally, base notes of coconut, vanilla and musk.
As you probably gather, it is a super, super sweet scent, very young and very girly.

I usually wear this in the day as it lays on the skin quite florally but lasts the entire day.

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