I came home last week to a little Lush parcel left on my bed.
Whenever I visit my parents house the first thing on my list is to have a long, hot, bubble bath with one of my favourite Lush bath bombs.

Up until now, my favourite Lush product has to be the Twilight bath bomb as the lavender scent it exhumes is just so relaxing.

My mum introduced me to one of Lush' newest bath products Granny takes a dip and I have to say that it is my new favourite.

The lady in the shop told my mum that this bath bomb gets its name the Granny takes a trip fashion boutique that opened on the King Road, Chelsea in 1966.

This bath bomb has the most incredible scent as it is infused with ginger, lemon and pepper leaving your skin and bathroom infused with a beautiful, psychedelic scent.

The bath bomb is a slow fizzer that explodes various shades of purple, green and blue into your bath water before dissolving to a deep plum colour.

Granny takes a dip is a1960's psychedelia throwback in your bath.

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