Hair care is one of the most important features in my beauty regime and after the hell I seem to put my tresses through I decided that it was high time that I gave it a lot more love than I had done previously.

I start my using the Schwarzkopf 'Gliss - Liquid Silk' Shampoo which is seriously underrated. You can buy it in places like Home Bargains and B+M for a quid.
It leaves your hair feeling deeply nourished and prevents it from becoming too dry before conditioning, something that people like myself with very dry hair can find happens frequently.

My favourite conditioner is also an absolute steal at 99p and is the Argan Oil, hydrating hair mask. The super creamy formula lathers the hair nicely and conditions it beautifully leaving it soft and supple.

After washing my hair and towel drying it, I apply a little amount of the John Freida 'Luxurious Volume Mousse' which I talked about last week. This product just gives my hair an insane amount of volume without leaving it weighed down or greasy.

Finally, I apply a few spitzes of the Clynol 'Colour and Care' shimmer spray which helps my blonde have more depth and shine which can sometimes be hard to achieve.

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