My relationship with blusher is flaky.
Sometimes I can't get enough of a pop of pink or peach on the cheek and other times, it makes me want to run for the hills in fear of looking like Aunt Sally.

I have recently being enjoying a pinker cheek and I believe that to be something to do with the colder weather setting in.
I only own three blushers and one of them, you could argue is actually an eye shadow.

I like to use my blush with a MAC 130 stippling brush as the small dome covers the cheeks naturally whilst only distributing a small amount of pigment.

The Bobbi Brown 'Shimmer Wash' in 'Rose Gold' is a pop of colour to the cheek that makes your face look radiant due to the flecks of gold running through the powder.

My most budget friendly blush is from Stargazer which is in the shade 'Number 1' - this is probably my most daring blush shade as it is more purple based and requires only a tiny amount of product on the brush.

My peach toned pink comes in the form of 'Glossy Rosewood' by Krylon for Glossy Box, I love to wear this blush on a daily basis as it applies a small amount of colour that looks natural and in no way false. 

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