I decided that after an entire summer of eating on the go and grabbing anything READ: Cheeseburger when I had a spare moment, I decided that the time had come to start and get myself into a better eating routine, making time for breakfast and introducing a lot more fresh fruit and veg into my diet.

My favourite green breakfast smoothie pops up on my Instagram every now and again and a few people have asked what I put in it. In all honesty the truth is that I throw whatever fruit, veg and juice is in my fridge into my blender and see what happens.

The general method is always the same, I start by adding some juice to keep it sweet, sometimes I use coconut water and on other occasions I use my favourite Multi Vitamin juice. This week I used juice and started by prepping my fruit and veg - chopping up one banana, a handful of strawberries, one tomato and a few slices of chopped pineapple. I then add a very generous helping of spinach to the mix and blend away for a few seconds until everything is blended. I like a few bits in my smoothie so I don’t usually blend it to a pulp. My boyfriend was a little bit dubious as to how all of the flavours would work together but I have to say he was very surprised as it is so yummy!

I usually make this on a morning and drink it on my way to work or uni, there is usually a little bit left over that I store in the fridge for when it’s gym day!

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