When I was about five I was invited for tea after school at my friends house.
I remember her showing me her bedroom, her bed surrounded by a pretty pink net that hung from the ceiling - it looked like a bed fit for a princess.

Ever since then I have been a little obsessed with canopy nets, I agree that sometimes they can look a little tacky but after sourcing some inspiration from Pinterest I decided that my new bed would become a 'princess bed.'

I bought my white 'mosquito net' for £3.99 on Ebay.
As it is merely a piece of net, I didn't want to pay too much for it.

After a lot of tinkering my Dad very kindly helped me assemble it above my bed and I was instantly in love with how cosy it made my room look.
The cascading material, combined with twinkly fairy lights and an abundance of cushions makes it my favourite area in my flat.

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