I have a passion for rooms lit with candles, it may be the romantic in me but I love how pretty they look as they flicker and give a warm source of light to an otherwise dark room.

I bought a few candles for my new space, an assortment of scents that seem to all merge together nicely. My Yankee Candles is my favourite scent from their range, Black coconut.
It is sweet but not overpoweringly sickly and creates a lovely subtle coconut fragrance that lingers for hours after you have blown out the wick.

My other candles were absolute bargains from Primark. The square candle is vanilla and violet scented and reminds me of the Parma Violet sweets again, it is sweet but not sickly and glows a lovely ambient purple shade.

Finally, my ornate jar candles I talked about in my home haul post, they are scented with vanilla and lily and last hours giving off a fair punch of light as they burn. 

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