If you follow me on Instagram, you will probably already know that I recently moved into another new flat. I have to say that this one will be a little more permanent as I am back in Liverpool now for my last year of uni. 

When I first walked in to the space I have to admit that it looked a little uninspiring and sad so I made it my mission to create a warm, comfortable and creative space for me to live and work in.
I wanted to go with a colour palette of grey, pewter and black which is a far cry from the hot pink and purple that I had in my halls room in my first year. 

I bought nearly all of my home accessories from B+M as you can find yourself some serious bargains in there the store has enough products to kit out your entire home four times over.

My bedding is by ‘The Chelsea Collection’ and is a black and grey satin set. The cushions  and throw are all faux fur and super, super soft, the grey tones lifting the heaviness of the black duvet.

My faux flower is a little touch that I wanted to add to my window area as I don’t have a windowsill to put on a vase and flowers. I really like these cheery red gerbera’s and they really brighten up my desk area.

My paper lantern lights are from Primark and were a steal at £4, I wanted to light up the back wall of my space with something subtle and sweet. You can even get yourself involved in abit of DIY with theses as you have to self assemble them.

Finally, the ornate jar candles were also from Primark for £1 each. I liked the embellished lilac/grey pots and the candles themselves smell divine as they are scented with lily and vanilla.

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