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This week has been the last week of plain sailing before I start back at uni tomorrow and I have to say scared doesn't even cover it as I know that this year is going to be a real challenge and a shock to the system but I am ready!
I feel a little bit sad that i've finally become super happy in Liverpool and it's my last year - typical!

On the plus side it's amazing how fantastic I feel arriving back in the city this year in comparison to this time last year and the year before - I think third year has potential to be the best yet and i'm really excited about discovering new places.

Friday marked a year since my Papa passed away and all day I was feeling really weird, it's hard for me to get my head around somebody being in my life for 20 years and then suddenly a year has passed and they haven't been there. To mark the day I kicked off my breakfast with toast and marmalade, something he rather liked, I like to think that somewhere he was having some too.

Tonight my chap and I are headed to the Route-66 drive in cinema - how American of us.
I am quite excited actually as I think the idea is awesome, we're headed to see Sex Tape with Cameron Diaz, has anybody seen it yet?

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