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This week I wanted to be more thankful for the things I have instead of worrying about what might be. The feeling of not knowing what is going to happen in eight months time scares me to death, will I be able to get a job? Will I have to move back with my parents? Am I going to graduate? Will I get through this year at uni at all?

All of these thoughts have been swirling around in my head for the past week making me feel a little emosh to say the least.  I wish that I could just look at my life how it is on paper. I live in my own flat, I have a job I enjoy and I have a fantastic group of friends, so why all the worrying?

This week has again been super, super busy and all consumed by looking for a work placement.
I know, it's crazy one minute i'm on a placement in London and now i'm scratting around the North West begging for a company to take me for a month in January however,
on an exciting note, I went through a rigorous interview process for a fashion editor role and I managed to bag it.

The weekend set off to an amazing start, I came home to find a bubble bath with my favourite Lush bath bomb, Twilight swirling in the water, a glass of rose and a red rose waiting for me.
It was then that I really appreciated the little things.

Yesterday, Laura from 'Laura's Haven' and I headed to Bills for afternoon tea, I have to say the selection is pretty impressive and it might be worth noting that one serving is more than enough for two. I had a super green juice which was ah-mazing  along with some grilled halloumi and chilli mayo dip. 

Today looks like a roast dinner is on the cards, after a night hitting the Seel St cobbles - something hearty is required, Mum if you're reading this I think it's going to be chicken.

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