Happy Halloween everybody! I guess that the last day of the month can mean something other than pumpkins, slime and ghosts - of course it can, it's October Monthly Favourites time!
Skincare I have recently been giving the Clean and Clear 'Advantage spot control' range a try in a bid to try and shift a few blemishes that have been popping up on my forehead. There will be a more in depth review on the entire range coming up tomorrow but for the purpose of monthly favourites, the 'Fast Action' gel is the star of the show. I have used the treatment on some pretty stubborn spots and after around a day they are reduced in size and redness completely. 

Make-up St Moriz very kindly treated me to a few of their products when I met some of the team  at Liverpool Fashion Week. The 'Golden Glow, bronzing powder' is incredible for giving the cheeks a warm, highlighted glow. I like to use the powder on an angled brush to gently contour the cheeks. The shade itself is a pink, toned bronze so there are no orange cheeks to be seen here.

Hair Ever since I went for the 'ombre effect,' I have been trying to reduce the amount of times a week that I wash my hair. With my hair in a poor state I am trying to let the natural oils within my scalp work their magic. With this in mind, I have been turning to dry shampoo to cheat a hair wash. I have been really impressed with the V05 'Plump it up' - dry backcomb spray. Not only does the product give your hair epic volume but it also works as an in-between wash re-fresh.

Perfume Ever since I bought the Burberry 'Body' perfume from the London flagship store, I have been using it sparingly because it's just so darn good. Finally in the month of October I decided that enough was enough and it was time to put my favourite scent to good use. I love the heavy, sensual scent that is uber feminine and classic. Also, if it is a win for my girl crush Cara D - then it is sure a hell a win for me.

Make-up A revisited favourite of mine is the Maybelline - Colour Tattoo in 'On and on bronze' this is my favourite piece of kit when it comes to creating a smokey eye. It is the perfect base for shadow and on its own looks amazing against lighter eyes. With zero creasing and epic longevity this is a make-up staple.



Every morning when I wake up at home, I see my inspiration wall staring back at me.
For those of you who haven't seen it, it is a wall filled with black and white images of models, fashion brands and photography. The one person who always stands out to me is Cara Delevigne who I have to say features quite heavily on the wall.


No matter how many shades of red, black and greige in my collection - I always come back to a purple shade when I am looking for a pop of colour for my nails.

My current favourite nail polish comes from Ciate and is called 'Wait Until Dark.' The shade itself is a mysterious purple with gold iridescent flecks. The formula is opaque in two coats and without a top coat, lasts around a week before chips begin to appear. I have been using this for the whole of October and i'm still not fed up. If you want a navy toned purple polish then this is the one for you.


There comes a day in October when you step outside and it suddenly feels like winter.
The air is chillier and your trust leather jacket just isn't keeping you warm.


I know that I am about three years too late on the ombre bandwagon however, my dabble with the dip dye wasn't to have my hair on trend.

Being naturally dark haired, my roots appear every two weeks without fail.
My beachy, blonde hair looked a tad naff when dark roots mingled with icy blonde and although I love the 'rooty look' it just didn't look right on me.

Roots aside, my hair was quite literally breaking off at the roots leaving me with patchy, stubby chunks of hair. I didn't want to completely dye my hair back dark as I love being blonde but something had to be done as my next summer I would have had no hair left at all. After an hour long Pinterest session  looking at hair, it suddenly dawned on me that I have been rather silly all along.
I could keep my blonde tresses whilst keeping my scalp and roots happy. THE OMBRE EFFECT.
I have to admit that this dye job was also inspired by Alex Turners ex girlfriend Arielle Vandenberg who rocked the ombre do like a pro.

To achieve the look, I first headed to Superdrug to find a nice brunette hair dye. I love the Superdrug Colour Performance dye's from past experience and at under £4 you can achieve a lovely colour on a budget. I chose a hair colour slightly lighter than my natural colour and went for ' Natural Rich Brown.' I started by applying this to my entire head of hair (I must admit it was pretty weird covering my beautiful blonde) and left it for 20 minutes before rinsing and drying. I really love the colour it is a warm, light chocolate. 

Next up was to create the ombre effect, now as my hair was already blonde I knew that the bleach would lift very easily. I used the Jerome Russell 'Bblonde Maximum Ombre' Kit*  which is the most simple and effective ombre kit around. I began by applying the 'Blending Cream' to my hair which helps to give a more gradient effect to your ombre, before mixing up the bleach/peroxide formula and brushing on to the ends of my hair. The ends of my hair lightened up immediately so I only left it on for 10 minutes before using the post bleach shampoo. I am really impressed with the results, I love how the two toned colours add dimension to my shorter hair. Now, my darker hair can grow out naturally without the need for bleach. Once it is done Ombre is the most cost effective, barely damaging trend hairstyle around.



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Monday kicked this week off with me feeling a little under the weather, some mid Autumn cold has grasped me and I felt super grim. To try and spread some fun in to the day I was treated to tea at the Philharmonic dining rooms, which I might add serve the best fish and chips ever. Afterwards, the boy and I had quick walk around the Metropolitan cathedral grounds, crunching the leaves under foot and fighting back the sniffles. 

After a solid news day on Tuesday and me taking the stand as acting news editor, Wednesday saw Christmas come early as I headed to the Metquarter for their 'Objects of desire' Christmas press day. The space was kitted out with a large Santa sleigh, twinkly Christmas tree, tasty Carluccio's canapes and glasses of Prosecco. The afternoon really set the mood for the festive season, I am super excited as after the shambles of Christmas last year this year is going to be mega I can feel it.

Saturday morning the fella and I headed for brunch at Bill's, I had Eggs Florentine and it was the nicest breakfast I have ever eaten. 

This weekend I have been sticking to some traditions that have happened in October for the last 20 years of my life, firstly last night was a trip to Blackpool, my family and I have been visiting the illuminations for years and despite my parents not being able to join me this year I couldn't miss out! I love the dark, inky sky, chilly sea breeze and the vivid, neon lights it's comforting.
We would usually take a packed lunch and eat it in the car under Blackpool tower, this year my friend and I were armed with a flask of coffee and caved in to fish and chips and donuts.

Today I am having a Halloween themed evening, carving pumpkins and making pumpkin soup.
I love the time around Halloween, so lots of candles will be lit and a few spooky tunes playing - Monster mash anyone?



My Ebay 'Focco' bag had been buried at the back of my wardrobe and then boxed up in my parents loft for around two years. Neglected, I decided to blow off the dust and start to re-use the bag that was once a cult product. It all started three or four years ago when Lollipop26 aka Laura from 'Buy now blog later' found an Ebay equivalent of the Alexander Wang 'Rocco' bag. The bloggersphere went crazy and I think 99.9% of us all had one of these studded beauties. 
I find myself between places quite a fair bit and I hate lugging loads of heavy bags around. My 'Focco' has found its place in my heart again because it is just so darn roomy! I manage to fit in my uni books and folders alongside my everyday handbag fillers and any overnight things I may need if i'm out and about. I still think that this bag looks timeless and stylish, you will be able to find it on Ebay if you type in the words 'Focco Bag' or 'Alexander Wang Rocco style bag.' My only qualm with this bag is that the handles aren't long enough and I would like to have it on my shoulder as opposed to the crook of my arm as it can get quite heavy however, for style 10/10 and practicality 10/10.



There are some products that just do their job and do it well.
Today, I am going to share with you three of those 'well worth your hard earned pennies' products.



In the Autumn I start to be gravitated towards Christmassy colours, perhaps in preparation for my festive make-up. I have recently been reaching for warmer, red toned products to paint my face with.


Last weekend consisted of a few occasions where a 'do it all' little black dress seemed appropriate.
With a house warming party, date night and a trip to Manchester on the cards I wanted something that could take me from day through to night effortlessly.


Some mornings I will be rooting through my make-up stash and find products twinkling at me, it's as though they are shouting, remember me?

I recently fell out with the Rimmel 'Wake me up' foundation after I found the formula broke me out however, after giving it another go a few weeks later I haven't had a similar issue and have continued to use it daily. I love the dewy finish that it gives to my skin as well as the medium/full coverage. I have loved the MUA 'Heaven and Earth' palette for as long as it has been in Superdrug. The beautiful mix of highly pigmented shades are the perfect edit of colours for the perfect bronzed eye. I only stopped using this palette when my 'Wet 'n' Wild' palette came along and stole the show. Finally, my showstopping lippy from Sleek in 'Coral' - I usually save this shade for summer but recently I have been reaching for it everyday. The shade itself looks beautiful alongside a smokey, bronze eye and a pinch of pink cheek. The formulation is moisturising and glossy on the lips - perfect for brightening up your day.



Friday night saw Liverpool Fashion Week come to a close.
I apologise for this post being so late up, it was supposed to go live on Saturday however, due to a crazy storm on Friday evening when I got home - my internet shut off completely.

Closing night was the turn of the junior models and the pets. Now we all know what people say about working with children and animals but these little 'ens were pros on the catwalk.


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This week has been dominated by Liverpool Fashion Week, I attended three nights covering for GGMH and of course as fashion editor for JMU Journalism - I have to say although it was exhausting I had a blast managing to secure interviews with organiser Amanda Moss and NYFW MUA Jane Bellis.  My favourite night had to be the opening night which showcased 'Couture Glamour' collections, it was on this night that I noticed a certain Hollyoaks star stood behind me, of course I whipped my Iphone out and secured a 'selfie' with Sienna aka Anna Passey. I think she cottoned on though and swiftly moved to her seat on the front row.

Juggling university and work between shows, Thursday night called for a cocktail or two for date night AS the boy and I headed to the Albert Dock to escape the madness that this week has thrown at us. This weekend has been work focused with lots of blog posts to write and videos to film as well as putting my news reporter hat on as I prepare for my news editor role next week at uni.

I think it's time for a cup of tea to give my eyes a rest, I am sure that one day I will wake up and they'll be square..



There comes a time when you just can't seem to get along with a product, or a product you once loved is no longer doing it for you.
No matter how many reviews you read, products work differently on different people and this little lot doesn't nothing for me.



With the stress of September, my skin had a bit of a meltdown.
In cases like this I call upon the big guns, the products that I know will sort out a skin emergency.



Light night was day three of Liverpool Fashion Week, with the catwalk focused on high street retailers such as Burton and Dorothy Perkins as well as independent boutiques.


When I was a kid, I was absolutely terrified of the shower - I've never really been a water baby so I think the sheer volume of water flowing at such speed terrified me a little.
These days, the shower is my little sanctury and haven.




Last night the annual Liverpool Fashion Week opened at Anfield stadium showcasing the best of couture glamour and high fashion.



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This week, Autumn really arrived. 
There was a chill in the air and I felt that my trusty Topshop leather jacket just wasn't going to cut it when it came to my daily commute to work and uni.

On Tuesday I decided to try a new approach to the way that I use my make-up.
I tend to use the same products over and over as they are easily found in my everyday make-up bag and i'm too lazy to head over to my make-up drawers at 7:30am.
From now on, once a week I am going to switch up the products in my everyday make-up bag to ensure that old products get used and new products get trialled. 
This week I have discovered a penchant for Maybelline after rediscovering the 'Fit Me' foundation and the 'Baby Skin' primer.

This week I did something drastic with my hair and decided to be so late on the bandwagon I nearly missed it. Yes, that's right I have done the ombre thaaang.
With a nod towards Arielle Vandenberg (Ex other half of Alex Turner) I am now 50% brunette - 50% blonde and I rather like it. A post will be following soon if you want to have a nosey at how I went about it.

Next week Liverpool fashion week kicks off and as JMU Journalism fashion editor I shall be covering the week, i'm going to pop a few pieces up on here so keep a look out for those posts popping up on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday if you're interested.

After feeling all nostalgic about my favourite childhood books and fims, tonight is going to be all about Wind in the willows, one of my favourite childhood stories, i'm going to make sure I have creamy hot chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows in my cupboards and of course a fluffy dressing gown. I feel it's the only way i'm ever going to shake this hideous snotty cold I have picked up.



After knocking around 11 promotional packs of Nice 'n' Easy dye's off the shelf in Superdrug last week, I knew that I could at least be courteous and buy one.
I was actually enticed by the packaging before my little misdemeanour, I love the branding of the 'Sunkissed' range - it really sells to me the ultimate beach babe donning a mane of golden highlighted tresses.


Primark has it spot on at the moment with dabbles with tartan, 60's inspired PVC skirts and the nicest selection of winter coats that have hit the stores to date.


Some mornings I just feel like getting super creative with my eye make-up by delving into the realms of my creative make-up drawer.
I have recently been playing with loose pigments, in particular 'Teal' by MAC which was apart of their 'Tartan Tale' collection in 2010.
I create my usual, everyday smokey eye  and use a flat, synthetic brush to pat the aqua toned teal pigment onto my eyelid before blending with a fluffy brush.
I like how the grey shadows mix nicely with the flush of colour against lighter eyes making me look more awake and my make-up more creative.



In the Autumn/Winter season I like to grace my nails with a hit of bright red polish.
My favourite reds are the, true orange toned reds that look delicious against paler, winter skin.


On Sunday night I popped on my fashion editor hat and headed to Palm Sugar Lounge in Liverpool One to be wowed by all kinds of hair-mazingness.

The Liverpool Urban Hair Show, created by KWATU Events to showcase hairdressing creativity to its fullest as six stylists battled it out to impress Hooka salon owner, Dion Padan and Carl Russell and Amie Brown of Russell and Brown Vintage Hair.

Amongst the styling showcase were live acts including Liverpool based Bollywood dancers RuShee and Norwegian acoustic singer Jonas.  After parking my bum on a seat and ordering a Cosmo the event began with an opening speech from Clare Seddon the organiser of the Urban Hair Show.

Event Co-ordinator Claire Seddon and judging panel Carl Russell, Amie Brown and Dion Padan

I caught up with Clare Seddon, Founder of the organiser KWATU Events after the show, she said:
 “I was extremely impressed by the turn out and the hairdressers went to extremes to showcase avant guard hairstyles and creativity, seeing the show come together and the guests enjoying all of the performances made me feel certain that the show has been well received in Liverpool.”

The hairdressing mavericks taking part in the show included, Glamor Hairdressers, Fabuluxe hairdressers, Twisted Plaits and Braids, Heavenly Holes Hairdressers, Electric Unicorn and Bella Mode Hairdressers. 

Backstage, Tawny Wright of Electric Unicorn felt the pre-show strains, she told me: “I only decided to do the show on Monday, so I made the head pieces last minute. I arrived an hour later than everyone else and had no access to plugs and at one point was without a second model so it was high pressure and I was sure I wouldn't finish in time. Thankfully it all came together,and we had a lot of fun.”

Judge, Dion Padan who announced the winning stylist, said: “I was amazed to see such creative work. What I loved about the winners look what the way she had created two very different models but they both complimented each other so well. I hope this competition goes from strength to strength as it’s a great opportunity for local hairdressers to get to showcase their work.”

The winning stylist was Lo Forster of Fabuluxe hair which is located on Liverpool's Smithdown Road, she said: " I couldn't believe it as soon as I heard my Salons name announced as the winner I was in shock. I overwhelmed by all the compliments and good things the judges were saying to me. I felt like all my hard work had paid off.”



I like being a little spontaneous and experimental when it comes to my hair.
Having washed out almost all of the pink I had in my hair from the 'Pink Panther' - L'Oreal Feria toner, I decided that I wanted to run a little more rose through my locks.


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This week I took my first trip to Manchester - it's hard to believe that as a northerner through and through that i've never visited one of the largest cities in the country.
My fella and I decided to take a trip yesterday to have a snoop at where I will be interning next January - Yep that's right, seven days after getting all worried that I wasn't going to find a placement in PR, I managed to secure one and I couldn't be happier. 

After taking a pit stop at Cafe Rouge for some tea and a slice of cake, we hit the Arndale Centre where I was let loose at picking out my chap some new clothes, I have to say he looked pretty dapper at his house warming party that evening.

After a night on the scouse tiles I woke up this morning feeling strangely refreshed, tonight i'm headed out to a fashion party on the Albert Docks, keep your eyes peeled on Tuesday for a little bit more about that if you're interested.

Now, time for a brew and to crack on with some news hunting..
'Till next week



There is something about a deep red lip that not only looks sassy and sophisticated, but it also compliments a paler winter complexion.

My favourite red lip combination is one that is super budget friendly, with the whole lot coming to £3.
I start using Shade 8 from MUA which is a beautiful deep red lipstick with small flecks for gold running through the creamy formula.
I then add a little gloss in the form of the vampy 2True Colour Drench in ' Number 10'  a real punchy, autumnal red which adds shine to the MUA lippy as well as adding a beautiful plum tone to the lip.



Creepers have always been a shoe that I love on other people, but always thought that they would look a little clumpy on my feet.
I couldn't be more wrong.


This isn't the first time that I have worn all of the above, although the last time I popped a choker round my neck and wore a scrunchie in my hair, I was probably about seven or eight years old.


Every morning I open my curtains and slide my super heavy window up to let in some fresh air.
With Autumn maturing into Winter, I certainly won't be doing that anymore as a blast of cold air hit my face.
With the weather in mind, I decided to wear something appropriate for a walk on the beach in the early evening dusk.


Fashion, body language and facial expressions are just some of the clues that can tell the average observer what makes you tick. People regularly make subconscious assumptions about who we are from the way we behave and the things we do.

What we sometimes forget is that your coffee order can often reveal a lot about your personality. The way you think, where you work and even what you were up to the night before. So the next time you’re out on a date, walking into a meeting or ambling down the street with your coffee in hand, remember, Freud is watching!

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