Happy Halloween everybody! I guess that the last day of the month can mean something other than pumpkins, slime and ghosts - of course it can, it's October Monthly Favourites time!
Skincare I have recently been giving the Clean and Clear 'Advantage spot control' range a try in a bid to try and shift a few blemishes that have been popping up on my forehead. There will be a more in depth review on the entire range coming up tomorrow but for the purpose of monthly favourites, the 'Fast Action' gel is the star of the show. I have used the treatment on some pretty stubborn spots and after around a day they are reduced in size and redness completely. 

Make-up St Moriz very kindly treated me to a few of their products when I met some of the team  at Liverpool Fashion Week. The 'Golden Glow, bronzing powder' is incredible for giving the cheeks a warm, highlighted glow. I like to use the powder on an angled brush to gently contour the cheeks. The shade itself is a pink, toned bronze so there are no orange cheeks to be seen here.

Hair Ever since I went for the 'ombre effect,' I have been trying to reduce the amount of times a week that I wash my hair. With my hair in a poor state I am trying to let the natural oils within my scalp work their magic. With this in mind, I have been turning to dry shampoo to cheat a hair wash. I have been really impressed with the V05 'Plump it up' - dry backcomb spray. Not only does the product give your hair epic volume but it also works as an in-between wash re-fresh.

Perfume Ever since I bought the Burberry 'Body' perfume from the London flagship store, I have been using it sparingly because it's just so darn good. Finally in the month of October I decided that enough was enough and it was time to put my favourite scent to good use. I love the heavy, sensual scent that is uber feminine and classic. Also, if it is a win for my girl crush Cara D - then it is sure a hell a win for me.

Make-up A revisited favourite of mine is the Maybelline - Colour Tattoo in 'On and on bronze' this is my favourite piece of kit when it comes to creating a smokey eye. It is the perfect base for shadow and on its own looks amazing against lighter eyes. With zero creasing and epic longevity this is a make-up staple.

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