This isn't the first time that I have worn all of the above, although the last time I popped a choker round my neck and wore a scrunchie in my hair, I was probably about seven or eight years old.

I popped into Primark last week and bought myself a bobble hat - something that I haven't worn since I was a baby. I really like how snuggly and warm it is and can be worn as a full hat or rolled up a little to frame the face a little more.

I then headed into River Island and went to check out the accessories section where they had a lovely selection of chokers. Again, I haven't worn a choker since S Club Seven were around and wearing a lace effect choker was the accessory to pair with a crop top. I chose one black and one damson coloured choker as they are a steal at £3.

Finally, after lusting over Topshop magazine in the changing room, I saw a few images of scunchies being styled in a way that does not resemble Bianca from Eastenders.
The last time I wore a scrunchie was when my Mum plaited my hair and the material matched my school uniform. These days I like to wear my aztec print scrunchie which has a cute bow incorporated. I usually wear it with my hair half up, half down.

Simple and Chic.

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