There comes a time when you just can't seem to get along with a product, or a product you once loved is no longer doing it for you.
No matter how many reviews you read, products work differently on different people and this little lot doesn't nothing for me.

So, why are you holding on to them? I hear you ask - aside from the purpose of this post there is little reason for me to hold on to them when other products I have in the same field work so much more effectively. Let's start with the Natural Collection 'Tinted Moisturiser' - you may as well not bother, the coverage is too sheer, applies streaky and the pigmentation is overly orange. For me, this product doesn't impact my skin in a nice way at all. I have talked endlessly about 'The Porefessional' primer by Benefit before. This stuff feels super slippy and greasy on the skin and clogs up my pores causing me to break out horrifically. I once loved my 'Moonshine' palette from The Bodyshop' was once my favourite eye make-up combo - that was when I had the patience to clean up after the sheer mess that the powdery shadows make. The colours themselves are so beautiful but so very uneasy to work with. Finally, a 2True lipgloss in a deep, vampy red. The consistency is seriously sticky and  gloopy and the pigmentation patchy. 
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