Wednesday, 15 October 2014


When I was a kid, I was absolutely terrified of the shower - I've never really been a water baby so I think the sheer volume of water flowing at such speed terrified me a little.
These days, the shower is my little sanctury and haven.

When I lived at home, I shared a bathroom with my Dad and i'm not sure he apreciated being constrained to one tiny shelf whilst I had everywhere else. Since living in my own abode, I have absolutely loved having my own bathroom and space to plonk products wherever I like.
My shower caddy is currently full of pink (strangely) bottles housing my favourite shower time companions. I am currently using an FCUK shower gel, that smells divine, I also love their body scrub which smells the same - a fresh, fruity scent. On days where I feel like treating my skin, I use my Lush 'Snow Fairy' shower gel which I have been using sparingly. I believe that it is now back online for Christmas so I can be a little more liberal with my usage. I love the sugary, sweet and distinctive scent of Snow Fairy and I always know that Christmas is around the corner when I see it stocked up in my local Lush Spa. My shampoo and conditioner are by the Schwarzkopf 'Gliss' range which is available at discount stores for £1. I love both products so much that they featured in my September monthly favourites video. They are the best, budget haircare for damaged, dry and lifeless hair - after a month of usage my hair is back to it's vivid blonde self. My exfoliating mits are from Bodycare where you can get a pack of 2 for £1. I use these every other day to exfoliate my fake tan away ready for a new application. I usually use shower gel as a shaving cream but recently I have been using the Shelley 'Soft Feel' gel which I bought from Home Bargains for 99p. The pink gel lathers nicely and works wonders againsr sensitive skin.



  1. I need to get myself some Snow Fairy shower gel! I only hear good reviews!

    Emily x // EmGrace

    1. It's beautiful :-) So sweet and girly scented xx

  2. I'm using the same FCUK shower gel atm. I received it in a gift of miniatures from a friend and I'm tempted to buy the full size. I'm also using Snow Fairy more often now, I use it every now and then throughout the year then once autumn/winter arrives I use it more regularly before snapping it up in their January sale!

    ox Lucy

    1. Sounds like we have the same snazzy shower products! x


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